Rick Perry as Energy Secretary. Ben Carson as HUD Secretary. Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. Anyone reading a roster of the names who fill out President Reality-TV’s cabinet, who also happens to have an IQ north of their shoe size, would be able to say one thing about it, and that thing is, “LOL!”

To say that most of us think Trump’s cabinet is full of unqualified, unfit, disastrously stupid and unprepared people is an understatement to kill all other understatements in a battle royale. Perry is literally running one of the three federal agencies he famously said he’d shut down if he was president, despite not even being able to remember the names of all three during that infamous debate in 2012. Carson is a fucking brain surgeon with weird Jesus-y engravings on his walls in his house…that are riddled with typos.

And Devos? 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl just served Betsy’s stupidity up on a silver platter for the whole world to see.

In an interview rife with moments that should make even Trump supporters cringe their asses off, Stahl exposed shortcoming after shortcoming in DeVos’s philosophy, fitness for, and grasp of her role and department. She exposed how callous and insane it is to stop investigating campus sexual assaults aggressively by asking her point blank if she thinks more students are falsely accused of sexual assault than who commit it, and ol’ Bug Eyed Betsy had ZERO response for it.

Time and time again Stahl asked DeVos a question that she couldn’t provide an intelligent, thought out answer to. She couldn’t say whether the schools in her home state are better off after implementing her highly-touted “school choice” agenda. She was unable to articulate why she thinks teachers should be allowed to carry guns in the classroom, even after saying she simply couldn’t imagine her own first grade teacher being strapped. Over and over Betsy was dragged by Stahl in the most courteous, professional way possible.

And that, right there, is why Trump — and really the conservative movement in America — is so terrified of the free press.

When executed correctly, journalism can and does expose a lot of truths. One truth that Trump is absolutely freaked out about the country accepting as reality is that he has assembled one of the worst, most corrupt, most inept, stupidest cabinets in history. It’s fairly obvious that Bannon and company helped him create a team that was pretty much devoted to obliterating the government from within, starving the beast as it were, of resources and critical thinkers who actually give two shits about their job. I haveno clue if Trump was a willing accomplice or a useful idiot to those ends, but undoubtedly the anarchist wing of conservatism has been fapping hard as can be to Trump’s cabinet.

DeVos’ turn on 60 Minutes was like taking a Maglite to a cockroach nest. It exposed everything. It showed Betsy for the out of touch, disconnected, aloof fool she is. Anyone paying attention to her confirmation process knew she was only there because of the money she’d given the GOP over the years. And the fact that Mike Pence had to drag her wrinkled, entitled ass over the finish line with a tying vote in the Senate shows you that even some in her own party felt her stupidity was a bridge too far.

Team Trump can hide all this ineptitude and foolishness on Fox News, because Fox News doesn’t do actual journalism.

Actual journalism shows us time and again that what the Trump White House is — a dumpster fire filled with shady, greedy, oligarchs. It’s the free press that has exposed all the cabinet members who have been racking up massive bills flying first class or using military planes to travel. It’s the free press that exposed the fact that the administration didn’t seem to have a problem with dozens of people having incomplete or temporary security clearances because they couldn’t get full clearance (makes the chants of “Lock her up!” really infuriating to boot). The free press brought to light that one of those people was a two-time wife beater, and that scandal cost the president his most trusted communications director/piece of ass he dreams about fucking or probably fucked.

And they do all of that simply by asking questions and listening to the answers.

So the next time you see Trump or one of his mouth-breathing surrogates belching bullshit about “fake news,” just remember why it is they have to denigrate the press — because the press keep doing their jobs and in the process exposing how terrible his cabinet is at theirs.


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