kkk 1 safe spacesNobody has ever accused me of being subtle, as evidenced by the use of KKK imagery here. I’m only passive-aggressive when it suits my greater purpose. So this entire idea of “safe spaces” drives me bat-shit crazy. Extremists on both sides are guilty, but only one group has gone so far as to legislate themselves a gigantic safe space. Who is that you ask? Social conservatives.
Whatever happened to the good old days when we could go to church on Sunday morning and count on the Reverend to condemn our Catholic best friend to hell, because she prayed to Mary – AN IDOL – and send us to classes on how to witness to those sinners? It was so much easier when they just argued among themselves and left the rest of the world out of it, you know?

But somehow we have entered an alternate dimension where these RWNJs no longer remember that “the right to have religious beliefs is absolute, but the freedom to act on such beliefs is not absolute”. In this world, the very people who complain that college kids need safe spaces have pushed for and received legislation that has established Fundamentalist Christianity as the law of the State, to protect themselves from having to do any business with people they find offensive to their precious Christian views.
Anyone who attempts to reverse this argument is a hypocrite and is chastised, some publicly. No matter how I look at it, I cannot reconcile a Biblical Jesus I ever learned about to any action I see coming from this hate-filled, fear-mongering group of people. They tell me constantly I am going to hell, but what they do not realize is that merely being subjected to their judgmental, cherry-picked dogma on a daily basis is worse than any hell-fire and brimstone ever preached from a red-faced, fired-up, backwoods revivalist’s pulpit. Hell, even the KKK has “safe spaces” – trailer park compounds in the backwoods where they can protect their children from mixing with other races.
The icing on this Fundamentalist cake is that no matter how respectful I have been in my attempts to understand these issues, even my most sympathetic “friends” have explained to me that the bullying I have been subjected to, merely as a result of standing up for others, is actually my own fault for getting involved, and by the way, I need to be more cautious that I do not offend them in the process.
Have we all been brainwashed? Am I the only person who notices the vast majority of the Fundamentalists who are so easily insulted are the same ones who loudly proclaim that ALL Muslims are terrorists, ALL liberals are anti-<there are too many things to list>, ALL welfare recipients are lazy, and otherwise paint everyone else with a broad stereotypical brush that leaves no room for nuance? According to them, I am just as responsible as “the gays” for what is wrong with this world, because I want to treat people the way I want to be treated, with dignity and respect? And THEY are persecuted? Hey, I have your safe space right here. <……….>
Perhaps what I really need to do is start praying again that God changes me into the Stepford Christian so obviously necessary to get into Heaven from Mississippi. But if that does not work out, thanks to our Governor, I can always shoot my way past the Pearly Gates straight from inside the Baptist Church. I no longer even need a permit to do it.



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