Boy, Racist Cookie Elf/Attorney General Jeff Sessions really wants us to believe he’s going to crackdown on the leaks pouring out of the Trump White House, doesn’t he? I can’t really understand why Sessions is showing so much deference and reverence to a man who has been savaging him in the press, but okay, Sessions wants to help the Piss Partier in Chief lock down those leaks. That doesn’t mean they’ll succeed, no matter how much pressure they try to put on people to shut up.

And as illegal as leaks are, let’s be real — we need them.

Leaks are how the government is stopped in their attempts to keep the people in the dark. It’s funny, Trump is the Republican Party standard bearer, and the GOP has long been the party that is distrustful of the government. So why are they trying to clam up people who are just trying to help prevent the shady government from pulling the wool over their eyes? I’m not excusing the Obama administration’s assault on leakers, I’m just saying that you’d think Republicans both in Congress and in the electorate would be standing up for the leakers.

Oh wait, I forgot they’re just as much in love with authoritarian, autocratic presidencies as they claim Democrats are.

Also, who exactly gets hurt by the majority of these leaks? I haven’t seen a single leak out of the White House that exposes CIA operatives, or divulges intelligence to adversaries. Oh wait, I did. When President Tiny Hands directly handed Israeli intel to Russian representatives. In the Oval Office. Without any American press members in there with him. At least he had a Russian state media photographer in there though. God knows the Russians didn’t use those photos to analyze everything they could about the Oval Office or White House, right?

Chris Hayes tweeted a similar thought today.

Outside of the orange twat waffle’s own leaks, the most damaging aspects of the other leaks have been to Trump’s reputation. Finding out that he watches cable news all day and yells at the TV like our angry tea bagger uncles isn’t damaging to national security. It’s damaging to Trump and Republican pride. The only thing damaging in the transcripts of the president’s calls with Mexico and Australia is to Trump’s ego.

The truth is that leaks are good, by and large. Since when does anyone think, in a rational state of mind, that it’s a bad thing to know when your elected official is doing something illegal or questionable? Only the boot-licking-est of boot lickers thinks our government officials should be able to hide whatever they want to from us, whenever they want to. Leaks keep forcing Trump and his ilk to face up to reality. Leaks help the people hold them accountable, which explains perfectly why they need to clamp down on them.

It’s worth the risk of imprisonment to leak information to the American people, provided what you’re leaking is of vital interest to them. I’m not saying that every leak is good, or right. But I’m saying the overwhelming majority are. It was wrong for Obama to crack down so hard on them, and it’s just as wrong for Trump try and do the same. Whistle blowing is necessary to keep the government honest.

What’s funny to me is that a lot of conservatives argue that their guns are what hold government accountable. Maybe that’s true. But it seems to me that leaks can be far more effective in controlling our government. It’s hard for them to do bad stuff in secret when they keep having their secrets divulged, isn’t it?

But leaks are particularly important when you have a presidential administration that so clearly and frequently lies. Even when they’re caught lying because of a leak, they still lie. But at the very at least, when a leak happens, it forces them to either change their narrative, or provide more details for something they were trying to get passed us.

All of that is beside the larger point — which is why people are leaking so much so frequently out of this administration. That reason is simple: duty. When you’re sworn into a high level position in this country, you’re not swearing allegiance to a person, or an administration. You’re swearing to uphold and defend the principles of the Constitution. Leaks happen when leakers get the sense that an elected official is doing the direct opposite of that.

The leaks will continue because they have to, we need them to, and they’re the right thing to do, no matter which administration insists on lying to us about them. The bottom line? What’s in the leak is far more important than who leaked it, or the fact that it was leaked in the first place. Arguing about the legality of leaks distracts us from the real subject at hand.

Leaks are good. Trump once thought so, too. But then the Russian prostitute charged his credit card, and he changed his mind, apparently.


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