You need to see what Larry Sanders at the Democratic National Convention’s second day, during the roll call vote.
I know, cheap joke. But cut me some slack. I’m still putting myself together. I watched Bernie Sanders’ older brother Larry announce the final vote for Democrats Abroad, during the roll-call vote at the DNC. It was, no shit, the most beautiful and personal moment I have ever personally witnessed covering this disgusting sport of politics. It was just an elderly man, a microphone, and a few stolen moments of everyone’s attention devoted to his brother and their parents, all of whom you can tell were and are amazing human beings.
I cannot possibly do it any kind of real justice describing it. But I will say that when he invokes FDR is about when the crying I was already doing turned into such cartoonishly heightened levels that my brain temporarily fuzzed out on me for a second. His connection to the Roosevelt legacy — and that’s Franklin, Teddy, and Eleanor — was the primary reason I supported him. That’s the direction this country started going when it experienced one of it’s largest periods of economic growth, especially in the middle class.
So here, just watch it.

Bernie’s reaction was heartbreaking and heart warming. And I was going to tell you all to skip ahead, but I actually think it adds to the drama of the moment, the way they held that vote off, for a twist ending. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple months a lot of people are giving this moment as the reason they unified behind Clinton from being “Bernie or Bust,” because it’s done the most effective job of that yet so far.
When my brain functions came back online, my cynicism gland remained in the “OFF” position.
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Because the fact that through it all — the tilted playing field, the condescending finger wagging over legitimate gripes about the tilted playing field, the lectures about being too ambitious — we are on the precipice of our first female president, providing she can get out of her own way and stop letting the diarrhea in a shitty toupee gain ground on her.
And yeah, that’s pretty fucking cool. Even if I don’t like the first female president, never will, and will probably not vote for her, I’m glad that equality has come to America in such healthy doses so as to be able to allow its shitty, corporate politicking to taint a historic moment for all people, regardless of their genitalia. I’m glad that I can live in our country at a time when even though the woman doing it isn’t the woman I think who should be doing it, a really old, and stupid glass ceiling has just been shattered, and so maybe it’s worth putting progress on “PAUSE” for nearly a decade so we can get more center-right foreign policy and a smidgey-widgey of center-left social policy!

Okay, so my cynicism gland may have just come back online.
The point though, is that Larry Sanders may have truly made my heart thaw enough to be proud of my country for once. That’s something so rare you’re more likely to be struck by lightning then to have it happen these days. And twice within the span of an hour? Forget it. But that’s exactly what happened.
Larry and Bernie made me realize there is still room for genuine people in politics, and that they can still get things done. Bernie did pull the party left, even if Hillary will probably drift back right whenever she needs to. But you know, her hypocrisy and hawkishness aside, Clinton is a supremely talented, tremendously qualified person to be president. I don’t have to believe in the kind of president she’s almost certain to be to be able to appreciate this moment. And this moment is important for the country, but especially anyone who’s ever cared about a little girl’s future at all.
Good job, America, you’re not doing it. I may not like how you’re getting there, but at least we’re headed in the right damn direction.
(Just as I was finishing this, Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont nominated his rival Hillary Rodham Clinton officially. Bernie or Bust die-hards will call that the moment he truly sold out. Maybe he did sell out. Maybe he sold out for what he believes is the greater good. I’m not there myself yet, but for now, I’ll just chalk it up to the classy conclusion of a race I was proud to support the runner-up in.)


  1. It’s impossible for me to see how that moment would make anyone vote for Hillary. The moment was pure and good, and Hillary is not pure and good. The good people love the good candidate, Bernie. Hillary did not and will not get a 3 minute standing ovation for any speech like Bernie did for his convention speech. We were robbed of this beauty.


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