Dear Kris Kobach,

Fuck your Election Integrity Commission, and fuck you or anyone else who still believes that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the popular vote.

I’d love to say I’m shocked or amazed by you telling Katy Tur of NBC News that “We may never know” if Hillary won the popular vote, but I’m not. While Secretary of State in Kansas, you championed the “Secure and Fair Elections Act,” a law so self-evident in its attempt to suppress and strip people of their right to vote that you were sued four times by the ACLU over it.

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This entire charade of “voter fraud” has long been a racist dog whistle. Whether you’re keen to admit it or not, the efforts you’ve made into limiting access to voting smacks of Jim Crow-ism. Why the hell should anyone have to prove more than once they’re eligible to vote? If your verification system works the first time, any extra steps are only going to serve as obstacles — obstacles that seem to largely target voting blocs that help Democrats, but hey, I know you’re not a craven, cynical partisan right Kris?

You’re a walking, talking throwback to the very people that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was meant to thwart. Either you know that your policies will disproportionately impact people of color, or you’re just so bought into this idiotic notion of in person voter fraud that you overlook the impact of your policies. If that’s the case, then you’re even more gullible than your standard Republican voter, and they just elected a D-List, reality TV trust fund racist and abject failure in almost everything he does expecting the second coming of Abe Lincoln.

In person voter fraud is a myth, just like Trickle Down Economics and the Virgin Birth.

Maybe I’d trust you if you weren’t also a verified racist and white nationalist. Only the snowflakiest of bitter white guys think a growing Latino or Hispanic population is any threat to American life. Only the most virulently racist of motherfucker thinks shifting birth rates somehow equate to “ethnic cleansing.”

As The New York Times reported, you used that exact phrase when agreeing with a caller to some right-wing talk radio show.

Years before Donald Trump began talking about building a wall, the fate of America’s white majority was a matter of considerable interest to Kobach, who once agreed with a caller to his radio show that a rise in Latino immigration could lead to the “ethnic cleansing” of whites and has written scores of laws across the country to crack down on undocumented immigration. (source)

I’m tickled every time someone like you, in a land-locked, God foresaken red state shit hole complains about undocumented or “illegal” immigrants. I -live in a county in a state just miles from the Mexican border, and I’ve been to Kansas. Frankly, I’d rather live in Mexico than your busted-ass state. But it’s laughable to me that you think the people who come here are some threat to your way of life. Are there some bad apples that sneak in too? Of course there are. But I don’t think there are any more criminals among the undocumented than there are among the Wall Street bankers whose dicks you’d line up gleefully to fellate, Kris.

I say this with all due respect — you’re a fucking idiot.

Seriously, only the most insanely idiotic of moron would say such a thing as “We may never know” who won the popular vote last year. There is no evidence now, nor was there on Election Day, that a wave of illegal voting took place. For one thing, it would set off massive alarm bells all over the country. It doesn’t happen, dipshit.

The Washington Post recently ran a story that tried to quantify just how rare voter fraud is. Their piece cited a 2014 study that looked at a billion votes cast in elections going back years. And guess what? 241 cases of voter irregularities were found. And of those, we don’t really know how many were even legitimately considered voter fraud.

The most significant chunk of those 241 are from 145 ballots that were cast between 2008 and 2011 in Michigan, where names, dates of birth and addresses of people who cast ballots matched those of people who’d died. Again, it’s not clear if that’s because someone had been signed in incorrectly at the polling place or if there had been some other clerical error. (source)

If you want proof of that theory’s stupidity, look no further than the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t win Pennsylvania. Or Wisconsin. Or Florida. Surely if there had been a large concerted effort to rig the vote, it would have centered around vital states that she needed to win the Electoral College.

I love hearing Trumpers wag fingers and insist illegals voting in California tainted the numbers. Trump didn’t take a single state unanimously. There are Democrats in every red state, and Hillary still got millions of votes in them.

The biggest red flag for you, Kris, should be that your fellow Republican Secretaries of State aren’t going along with this. None of them are claiming that their elections were tainted. In fact, you’ve been rebuffed by nearly every state you tried to get private voter information from. Because thinking humans know that voter fraud is a lie on the same magnitude as the Welfare Queen, they just don’t take your shit seriously, my dude.

I think, ultimately, my favorite part of the Kobach/Trump’s crusade to purge voter rolls of minorities, women, elderly, and college students is that you inadvertently cast doubt on your own numbers. I mean, if voter fraud is so prevalent, and you’re so sure it happens all the time, how can we trust that Trump won? Oh, that’s right!

In Dumbfuckistan the only fraudulent votes are for Democrats. Just like only Democratic presidents do things worthy of impeachment. And just like…well, you get the point.

You’re fucking stupid, Kris Kobach. That’s the point. Hillary won the popular vote, dude. And to borrow a phrase from your side…

Get over it.


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