Racism is over in America, so I don’t even know why I’m passing this story along, other than as just more evidence that conservatives are right; racism is dead in America.
We don’t need a Voting Rights Act or Affirmative Action, because anyone can see  — if they look hard enough — just how un-racist shit is around here. Case in point, this lovely story about an All-American teenage beauty queen:
Now, before you go getting upset at Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay, remember she sent out those tweets before she won. Sure, she casually used the N-word with equal parts cultural ignorance and white privilege. Sure, she didn’t use it ironically to draw attention to its horrific nature. But I’m here to suggest that means that racism is totes not a thing anymore.
Think about it.
She used it like she was herself a part of the African American community. Some call that appropriation, but isn’t that just what good, clean, ammo-hoarding patriots have done for years with black culture? We white folk stole, er I mean, discovered and repurposed, jazz and rock and roll and look how great both those art forms were for it. So maybe Ms. Hay was just trying to do for the N-word what white people did for rock and roll — claim it as our own so that we can do with it whatever we want and act like black people had nothing to do with it.
Although, to be fair, in this one instance, black people really didn’t have anything to do with “nigger”  hitting our common vernacular, did they?
And sure, you could say that the very fact that not a single finalist was a person of color also belies this notion that racism is dead, but hey, there’s just like so many white people on the planet, how can we not exclude people of color, even if by accident? What are we supposed to do, make a conscious effort not to leave anyone out just because it’s not that hard and it helps everyone feel included, which fosters feelings of community and togetherness? Pffft. Libtard.
Here’s what I want to know: how bad do you think the outrage from the “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” crowds would be if a black pageant contestant’s Twitter had been discovered to contain slurs against white people…now, granted, I don’t even know what I slur against a white person is, because “cracker” doesn’t really offend me and after that, I mean, duh, right? But seriously, if a black girl had won this pageant and then we found slurs against white people on her Twitter feed, how quickly would she be forced to relinquish her crown.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not even saying that Ms. Hay should have to give up her crown. We live in a free country with freedom of speech, and I do believe in people being able to change. So I’m not about to start some anti-Karlie Hay crusade. I’m just saying that the outcry over this if the roles were reversed would be insane. They’d say,”SEE?! The only problem we have in this country is REVERSE RACISM!”‘
So why am I bringing this story up, if I don’t think Karlie should have had to give up her crown over her tweets?
Because I’m sick and fucking tired of my fellow white Americans acting like everyone in America is white and has the White American experience, that’s why. Stories like these don’t mean that everyone in America is racist. It just means that there’s still a sort of unspoken rule about racism is all. It means that the whole idea that everything is fair as fair can be is just a bullshit trope brought to you the makers of Trickle Down Economics©, that’s why.
Look, Karlie Hay could very well be a nice, well-meaning, not racist person. She probably, in her youthful ignorance, thought she was truly living in a post-racial word and could use the N-word with impunity, because it would just be obvious to everyone that she wasn’t a racist and it was okay to say it. In other words, her white privilege blinded her to the fact that it was offensive.
Racism isn’t dead in this country. It won’t ever die until we have a consensus among adults that we can’t hide from the conversation about it, even when it involves casual racism from teenage beauty queens.


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