Every now and again, I stumble onto a meme from a right-wing source that is so fundamentally stupid, I have to share it with as many people as possible. Why? Because if I have to infect my eyeballs, brain, and soul with intellectual AIDS, I want to make as many people suffer with me as possible. A real humanitarian, I am, huh?

So feast your eyes on this lovely piece of shit meme I found on “Being Classically Liberal.” I always laugh when I see people claim they’re classical liberals because that sounds to me like someone who’s conservative and doesn’t want the label. It’s like saying you prefer to have your blood let for common colds because it’s “classic medicine.” But I digress. Let’s just take a look at the tall drink of stupid that is the reason I started writing this.


See? I was right. This is one of the stupidest memes you’ll see your whole life. And let’s examine why, shall we?

Right off the bat, I shouldn’t have to say much more than what the top comment on the meme share says. The commenter is exactly right. They’re snarkily pointing out that there’s a mountain of difference between tracking down one person in a country you live in and trying to put the pieces together on a complex story like one of the Russian hacking of our election systems.

Beyond the obvious fact that finding one person is easier than unraveling a massive conspiracy, there’s a tacit admission that Russia hacked our election systems. Which, I guess we should all at least be thankful that Trumpers are willing to admit that now, especially since Trump literally just carried Putin’s water at the G20 summit when asked a simple yes or no question about whether Russia hacked us. Still, though, they had to know when they created the meme that they were admitting that Russia very likely and very purposefully hacked us last year.

I get the feeling that these people think that those of us who believe what seventeen intelligence agencies concluded — namely that Russia so totes hacked us — are under the impression that Russian gang members held Americans at gunpoint and forced them to vote for Trump. Or that they literally broke into voting machines that aren’t even on the Internet. Look, maybe some on the left are that dumb, but most of us aren’t. Most of us are just galled and appalled that you all don’t give a single fuck about helping our adversary, a country that most definitely does not share a lot of our values in terms of freedom of speech, the press, or LGBT equality, move up in the world. Russia isn’t a superpower, but thanks to their efforts, our piss party loving president, and their blatant disregard for reality, Putin sure can keep right on pretending they are.

Then again, most die-hard Trumpers I encounter on social media don’t really believe Russia did anything in the first place, and since their Dear President

As far for the tax evasion bullshit in the meme? It’s particularly rich getting ribbed by people who voted for Trump about the media not finding evidence of Trump’s tax evasion because the dipshit hasn’t released his taxes. Every other human being that has occupied the Oval Office for the last few decades has released theirs, but Trump didn’t. Sure, it’s not a legal requirement, but it’s much easier to dig into someone’s taxes and find irregularities that indicate dodging and evasion when they, oh, I don’t know, fucking release them.

In the end, I have to wonder if people who make memes like these understand history. For example, Watergate. I think that’s a pretty relevant connection to make here, since Trump is under criminal investigation for obstruction of justice, and that’s one of the many charges that were in Nixon’s impeachment papers. It took Woodward and Bernstein years to put all the pieces together. That’s how investigations go. Maybe Bob Mueller won’t uncover anything. But it’s far, far too early to be crowing in meme form about him, or the media, not finding evidence of any wrongdoing, just as it’s completely ill-advised for Trump’s adversaries to thump their chests over any perceived victory just yet.

Only the most partisan of Republicans think this meme says anything other than, “Please, Mr. Trump, defecate directly into my mouth hole, so that I may supp from the font of knowledge from which you speak and lead, sir.” In other words, Trumpers.


  1. I have my adblock on as usual, which is nice, and I come here for my daily dose of salt. Keep crying and say it with me, Trump is president. But don’t worry, Bernie can still win!


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