Maybe Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) is a moderate to some, but to those who believe that words usually have definitions that mean something specific, he’s the furthest thing from it.

Of course, when compared against Ted Cruz, Donald Trump or Ben Carson, of course Kasich looks saner and more rational. Jesus, I would hope so. I mean, if I put a picture of dog shit next to a picture of dog shit covered in dog puke, you’d probably think the dog shit wasn’t as bad it could be. Kasich ends up being the moderate Republican this year by the same law of nature — compare him to something less horrific and he looks preferable.

Once you peal back the onion on Kasich, you find a lot more to cry than celebrate about.

Case in point — Kasich just signed a bill in his state that took $1.3 million away from Planned Parenthood. That’s $1.3 million in low-cost health care services that Kasich just stripped Planned Parenthood of the ability to provide. Why? Because of those idiotic bullshit sting videos the Center for Medical Progress put out, that’s why. You remember those videos, right? They were the ones that cost Carly Fiorina the ass hair’s breadth of a chance she had securing the GOP nomination because they were so obviously fake. They were the videos that landed the producers, not Planned Parenthood, in hot water when Texas’ governor ordered a Grand Jury convened. Those bullshit Planned Parenthood videos.

Moderate people don’t hurt poor women because of clearly massaged — to put it extremely politely — footage. Religious extremists do. Socially conservative sycophants with leanings toward religious zealotry do. But not moderates. People who are actually moderate in their views will tell extremists, even those in their own party, to kindly STFU for suggesting that poor girls and women in your state should risk getting cervical cancer or be forced to have a child conceived by rape or incest because of bullshit videos.

The reality might even be that the videos didn’t factor into Kasich’s decision to cut Planned Parenthood’s funding. The healthcare provider has been in the cross hairs of the GOP for a long time. The videos just give them the cover they need to exact their vengeance. Of course, they’re hurting Planned Parenthood’s funding, but more importantly, Republicans are hurting poor people with their religious crusade, but they won’t let that stop them, no matter how much their Lord and Savior told them to care for the poor first and foremost.

I will give Kasich some credit where I can’t give any to a lot of his opponents — he at least knows he has to water down some of his religious fervor. Trying to be the “positive guy” for the GOP has forced him to couch his rhetoric. He can’t be the fire and brimstone preacher character that Ted Cruz is. And he can’t be the bombastic, IDGAF guy that Trump is. He has to be the calm, rational one. Of course, calm and rational people don’t cut off funds for poor people over made-up claims in terribly edited videos, though, do they?

Moderation must truly be in the eye of the beholder. To me, you can’t be someone who thinks you have a right to hurt the poorest people in your state and be moderate. Nobody who isn’t an extremist goes to such extreme lengths over something that really, truly, is none of their business in the first place. John Kasich may be a lot of things, and he may be less crazy than Cruz and Trump, but a moderate? Not by an Ohio mile.




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