Forget working hard, paying your dues, gaining experience, and bringing knowledge and expertise to each job. First Donald Trump unequivocally proved that, actually, anyone really COULD become President, giving hope to slackers, C students and reality-show p**sy-grabbers across the country.

Now Jared Kushner has shown that all you need for success is

  • Inherit your tax-cheat daddy’s business, and play “executive” while you mangle deals, lose money, and borrow heavily from shady foreign bankds
  • Marry a blowhard tycoon’s daughter and flatter your father-in-law up the wazoo
  • Pose for a bunch of photos on Instagram with your Stepford-esque family   . . . all while managing to look competent and polished by comparison with your unhinged boss.  (Jared’s relative civility is the political equivalent of hiring ugly bridesmaids to make an insecure bride look better.)

Now, I realize that nepotism has been a fact of life since the beginning of human history, and heck, I’ve tried to help my sons network by introducing them to people I know in their fields. I even hired my younger son as a percussionist for a couple of shows I’ve music directed – honestly, he really WAS the best player who was available at the budget I had, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But here are a few basic differences:

  • If Ben WASN’t up to the job, the worst thing that would have happened is that the tap dance number might have been too fast.  (As opposed to Kushner’s incompetence – if he screws up, we could all die.)
  • He actually HAD experience for the job.  He’d played percussion in a bunch of shows and done quite well.
  • I only hired him to do that one thing.  If I were following the Trump/Kushner model, I would’ve had him play all the other instruments, AND to choreograph the show, AND to do my taxes, fix my car, and take out my appendix.

At any rate, now we know Trump and Kushner have even more in common – they both inherited their businesses (and covered their ineptitude with bravado and mega-loans), they both lust after Ivanka, and now they’re both Making Satire Easy Again!


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