At this point I don’t know if Donald Trump is delusional, dangerous, maniacal, or a toxic, perchance lethal cocktail of all three. But one thing is for deadly sure — if our broken and feckless congress doesn’t stand up to him, we’re in for some really troubled times.

I happen to be a believer in the separation of powers. I think that while the founders made some really dumb choices like keeping slavery legal, that they did some stuff really well. For instance, making sure that someone cannot become a despotic autocrat by giving two other branches of government a co-equal status. That means that Congress holds just as much might as Trump does, and could easily stand up to him.

They could start by reminding him that the 10th Amendment is a thing. In case you’ve forgotten what we all learned in fifth grade, let me refresh your memory. The 10th Amendment is the amendment that tells the federal government where its border of influence sits. The text of the amendment is pretty plain.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

So in other words, the federal government can’t just make up powers for itself. If it’s not in the Constitution, then the power rests with the states or with the citizens. So when President Snowflake sends a tweet like this one? He’s pretty much threatening to violate the living fuck out of the 10th Amendment.

Chicago and Illinois have jurisdiction over Chicago and Illinois. Unless the city or state asks the feds for help, there is no grounds for Trump to “send in the Feds.” And am I the only one who thinks his rhetoric sounds like something some douchebag cop in an 80’s action move would say, and not the President of the Unites States? I mean, for fuck’s sake, the president is the feds so it just sounds corny and redundant as all hell to me.

Another way Congress could actually, you know, do what the America people and the Constitution dictates they must, would be for them to send a message that it’s time for him to start governing and stop re-litigating the election. He can stop harping on the popular vote. He won. He’s the biggest crybaby sore winner I’ve ever seen though. Because now he’s going to call for a serious investigation of voter fraud that simply did not happen and there is zero evidence to support.

If you thought the endless Benghazi hearings were a waste of time and resources, what do you think about the president taking our valuable taxpayer dollars and spending it on an effort to prove he really won the popular vote? Show me the first true conservative who says this is a good use of our time and money and I’ll show you a demagogue asshole liar hack douchebag fuckface. Beacuse there is zero reason this investigation should happen unless Trump wants to truly reveal just how much of Vladimir Putin’s dick was and still in his mouth.

They could also step in and tell him to stop using his Twitter account to get into feuds with private businesses. For how many years did we hear Republicans grouse about the so-called “Solyndra Scandal” because they said that President Obama was “picking winners and losers” and they said that’s violating the free market ideals our economy depends on? Trump was striking deals with companies before he was in office. Since being elected he’s personally bullied multiple companies and union leaders, even individual executives.

Maybe now’s a good time for Congressional Republicans to get back familiar with those particular scruples.

Congress could get off their asses and fully investigate the Russian meddling in our elections. That would send a very clear signal to the Trump administration that the separation of powers will be respected. It would show the country that our government cares more about the integrity of our democracy than it does in the partisanship of political theater. You can imagine how keen I am to hold my breath waiting for this to happen.

The bottom line is that Congress is now the best defense we have against the ghastly things Trump wants to do. Extreme vetting is not American. Banning people based on their religion from coming into the country is not American. Whether or not our congress does anything to help us though? That’s a worthless horse of a different feckless color.

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