Conservatives often trumpet their love of the United States, their unwavering support for military veterans and law enforcement officers, and their love of the Constitution. But after watching the right-wing over the past decade or so, it’s pretty clear that support and love is a lie. And by choosing Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, conservatives have brought their glaring hypocrisy into the public forum.
By now, you know that Donald Trump attacked a Gold Star family whose son was killed in Iraq. What you may not know is a Trump spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, blamed President Obama for Captain Khan’s death. Captain Khan was killed in 2004. Barack Obama was not president in 2004; George W. Bush was the occupier of the White House. Over on Fox’s Facebook page, conservatives who claim to support veterans are posting comments like this:

Josh Young Islam sucks. And a Muslim was paraded by Democrats. Just like they always do.
Josh Young America gave that family a new life. No one can judge the degree of a sacrifice. Trump has created thousands of jobs. Mr. Khan goes out an bashes him for something he had nothing to do with. Mr. Khan started this and should now probably shut up and go home. Salute his American son who sacrificed but have no respect for his angry bitter parents who are liars.
We all know why the mother didn’t speak let’s be real about that. She could’ve said something her son died 12 years ago it’s not like it happened yesterday. She didn’t have to say a long drawn out thing just I miss my son everyday. So but she looked like a subservient wife just standing there. We were all thinking that. And who is this Khan guy to tell Trump what he knows or not. And what was Hillary sacrifice? She missed 2 hours sleep the night 4 men died.
Josh Young Why was this guy trashing Trump. He had nothing to do with it. He just wants to ban Muslims from that region for a while. Oh that’s right this guy works for the Muslim brotherhood. Just used his son’s death to promote his agenda.
Josh Young What the media is not telling you about Kahn the Father of dead soldier!

*The last comment was followed by link to the Shoebat piece that calls Captain Khan a spy and a terrorist.
Yesterday, during a rally, an elderly man gave his Purple Heart to Donald Trump. Trump spoke about how that was “big stuff,” then said:

I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.

His supporters in the audience laughed. Yes, to Trump supporters, a man who equated attending military school to military service, who said John McCain is not a war hero, and who attacked a Gold Star family, mocking the Purple Heart is funny.

Conservatives also call Black Lives Matter a “terrorist organization,” and type “All Lives Matter,” or “Blue Lives Matter” whenever they have the opportunity. What’s interesting is the utter silence from conservatives when a sovereign citizen, or militia member, or white supremacist kills a police officer. Conservatives did not yell “Blue Lives Matter” in 2009 when James Von Brunn killed a guard at the Holocaust museum. Or in 2010, when Joe and Jerry Kane, two sovereign citizens, murdered two police officers in West Memphis, Arkansas. Or when Jerad and Amanda Miller left the Bundy compound in 2014, traveled to Las Vegas, and go on a shooting spree that killed two police officers. Where is that right-wing adoration of law enforcement when predominantly white sovereign citizens murder police officers?
The right-wing also claims to revere the Constitution, becoming enraged when anyone questions their understanding of the document. Donald Trump attacked Khzir Khan for exercising his First Amendment rights, after stating he (Trump) has read the Constitution. Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications advisor, made it worse when he attempted to defend Trump to Brian Stelter:

STELTER: That’s not what Mr. Khan’s speech was about on Thursday. Let me put on-screen a statement from Mr. Trump last night. He seemed to be trying to clean up the ABC interview. In the statement last night, Trump said the following: He said that “Mr. Khan has no right to speak the way he did on stage.” Let me get the exact quote, because I don’t want to misquote Mr. Trump. Let’s see if we can put it on the screen here. He said that, Mr. Trump, “while I feel deeply for the loss of his son, Mr. Khan who has never met me has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim that I have never read the Constitution, which is false and say many other inaccurate things.” The First Amendment to the Constitution allows Mr. Khan the right to stand on stage and say whatever he wants. Why would Mr. Trump say he doesn’t have that right.
MILLER: That’s not what Mr. Trump is saying at all.
STELTER: That’s what the statement said.
MILLER: What he’s saying is that Mr. Trump has a right to defend himself. And to make clear what he’s saying, this is about radical Islamic terrorism, and for him to be criticized like that he didn’t think was fair. So let’s get back to the broader point here, the fact that the media is completely —
STELTER: Let’s not. Let’s put the statement back on-screen, the statement on-screen says “Mr. Khan has no right to say what he said.” You and I, Jason, we both know that Mr. Khan has the right to say whatever he wants to say, right?
MILLER: Brian, Mr. Khan — this is about, again, this is about radical Islamic terrorism, and this is about what’s really going on here, and the fact that the media doesn’t want to pick up and cover what’s going on with this country. Where was the media outrage following Cleveland when we had supporters and survivors of those who either have been hurt or killed by illegal aliens in this country? There was no media outrage following that. But again, what we’re talking about here is radical Islamic terrorism and that’s what’s important.
STELTER: You keep mentioning radical Islamic terrorism as if that’s somehow linked to Mr. Khan. Why do you keep responding that way when I mention him?

The First Amendment protects free speech. Conservatives do not understand, however, that the First Amendment only protects free speech when it comes to the government. Private companies, like a television network, have the absolute right to penalize, fine, suspend, or even fire, any employee who says something offensive.
This hypocrisy probably should not surprise anyone; after all, this is the party that wraps themselves in the flag on September 11, but voted against a bill to give health care to first responders. This is the party that wants to create more and more veterans. This is the party that cheered when militia members aimed weapons at law enforcement officers in Nevada. This is the party that calls itself pro-life, but thinks 5-year-old refugees should be denied entry in our country.
This is the party that chose Donald Trump as their presidential nominee. Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense.


  1. Conservatives like paying lip service to veterans, for one example, but they dislike being taxed to pay for their health care. Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions said, “Veteran’s health care is an ‘entitlement’ we can no longer afford.’ Sickening. Conservatives love to wave the flag and cite the constitution when it serves their political ends, but their true patriotism runs lapel pin deep.


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