Today, ESPN anchor and contributor Jemele Hill tweeted a statement that she said would “address the elephant in the room.” That elephant is, as irony would have it, related to an ass of an elephant. Or, should I say a group of elephants’ ass? Okay, what I’m trying to say is that Hill addressed a situation in which she had tweeted things about President Donald Trump, which Trump and his supporters then took super, super personally. The culmination came yesterday when the United States Press Secretary used her position behind the press briefing podium to condemn Hill for her comments and imply that the White House would like to see Hill fired.

So what did Ms. Hill say about Trump that was so caustic, so unfair, so brutally horrific that a conservative like Huckabee Sanders would dare to use her BIG GOVERNMENT position and influence to demand that Hill be fired? It must’ve been just absolutely horrid, huh? Jemele must’ve said that Trump rapes pigs and slaughters babies for bacon or something, right? She must’ve damn near incited treason and said something so egregious but also clearly false as to warrant intrusion into a private company’s personnel files.

Or, you know, not.

The tweets have subsequently been erased, but you know everything lives forever on the Internet. So here are screenshots of what she tweeted. Avert your eyes if things like the truth and facts hurt them.

Yes, that’s right. You read it correctly. For saying things like Trump is “ignorant,” “offensive,” and is a “white supremacist” are firing offenses for the White House. But, If everyone who called Donald Trump a racist or white supremacist got fired, Trump could beat the last Republican president’s record for lost jobs. Has no one told the right that people generally think Trump is racist? Of course they have. The right has just ignored and even mocked the rest of us for not ignoring Donald Trump’s racism. They say we call everyone a racist and so the word doesn’t mean anything. Which is beyond fucking stupid.

We call racist people racists when, you know, they support policies that hurt non-white people and pretend as if white society is somehow more moral or ethical than the rest. But even still, the argue that no one is racist because some people may have been called racist who aren’t is the height of conservative junk-thought. It’s shallow, it’s one dimensional, and it’s completely ignorant of reality. Donald Trump is a racist. If he’s not a racist, he’s way too comfortable defending, consorting with, and counting on their votes.

But okay, conservaderps. Let’s just pretend you’re right. Donald Trump isn’t a white supremacist. Jemele Hill wasn’t telling the truth. Are you still sure you, as a conservative, “small government” Republican, want to demand ESPN fire her? Is it not everyone’s First Amendment right to say what they want as long as it isn’t inciting violence or imminent danger? For a group that claims to love the Constitution sexually, you sure do have a funny way of showing it.

Also, before I forget — fuck your outrage.

Conservatives elected a man who spent five years trolling Barack Obama over his birth certificate. Why? Because Obama is black and his last name isn’t something some Dutch or Irish fuck would have, that’s why. Birtherism is racism is birtherism is racism. The two are not and cannot be decoupled from each other. For the person who was the last president’s most racist bully and antagonist, Trump sure does have a thin fucking skin for honest, concise, and frankly true criticism of his behavior.

And that’s just the tip of the hypocritical iceberg when it comes to Hill vs. Trump.

Maybe the problem is that conservatives think we never enter the Fox News Hell Bubble. They must think we, like them, don’t ever set foot near the opposition’s media networks. Because that’s the only reason I can think of for them acting as if Jemele Hill’s returning volley comes near the vitriol and hatred that Obama suffered from Trump and many, many others. They must not think we could see them get told by Fox News anchors for eight years how unAmerican, lazy, unpatriotic, and hateful Obama is. They must think we didn’t see the baboon memes or the “Moo-chelle” references.

They must’ve thought we couldn’t read it with our own two eyes when we’d go into comment sections and read their pedantic screeching about Obama’s “obvious Kenyan communist ties.” Or that we were all high on PCP when we saw them attack Sasha and Malia. Anyone who was awake and breathing for the years that Obama was president saw the most hate fueled rhetoric the Republicans have used to date…well, until Killary Clintstoned ran for president, I guess.

The bottom line? Jemele Hill hold the truth about Donald Trump. He is a white supremacist. We know this because he relied on them to win, he has retweeted racist, debunked crime stats in the past, and he has openly and publicly defended Neo-Nazis in the wake of one of them killing a protester with his car. Not only should Hill not be fired for this, she should be given the goddamned Congressional Medal of Honor.

#TeamJemele, all the way.


  1. As Jack Nicholson’s Marine Colonel Nathan Jessep retorts to Tom Cruise’s Daniel Kaffee in the 1992 legal drama “A Few Good Men”. “You want answers?!” “I want the TRUTH!” “You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!”


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