There is a singular word that keeps springing to my mind whenever I read a new story about something the Trump administration has done, is doing, or will do: Desperation.

Everything Team Trump does wreaks of desperation. We’re now fully into the Trump Era, and he’s still litigating the campaign. He’s still trying to convince us he won the popular vote. He’s still waging war with the media.

Everything about Trump’s transition has been desperate. He named the guy who wanted to kill the Department of Energy but couldn’t remember its fucking name that department’s head. He put a goddamned brain surgeon who apparently suffers from narcolepsy in as the head of the housing department. He elevated his white supremacist alt-right hand man Steve Bannon to insanely high levels of power by giving him a seat at the table on the National Security Council, desperate to have his guy in there instead of someone who might actually put the country before the president’s goddamned ego.

But nothing they’ve done so far has been as painfully desperate as their Muslim ban and the subsequent flailing attempts to justify it. Most notably, the administration has tried to use this week’s tragic mass shooting at a mosque as justification for their Islamaphobia. The only problem? That shooting was carried out by a Trump loving white nationalist, and Muslims were his target, not the perpetrators.

For Sean Spicer, Trump’s propaganda chief/Press Secretary to use the Quebec shooting as justification for a likely illegal, and damn sure idiotically implemented travel ban is just insane. So insane, because not only was the attacker in Quebec anti-Muslim, he was from Canada and not one of the seven countries on Trump’s ban list. It’s even more insane because the shooter was a well-known right-wing ideologue on the Internet and was, lo and behold, a fan of Trump’s.

In fact, to that end Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) tweeted a great point yesterday that bears repeating.

Senator Booker speaks to not only the lunacy of the travel ban, but in Trump’s attempts to justify it in any way. I don’t know if Bannon and Trump truly thought losing the popular vote was going to be just inconsequential minutia, but they obviously don’t understand what it’s like to be presidenting on a technicality and nothing else. Because the blowback from this shit show of an executive order was swift and it brought an avalanche of those of us some call snowflakes down upon them.

I’m not even saying it’s shocking or surprising that Trump and his people are trying to equivocate in this way. That’s what authoritarians do. They justify their bullshit by any means necessary. Add to their authoritarian streak a healthy dose of religious discrimination and ill-placed righteous indignation and you have a recipe for Republican excuse making the likes of which have rarely been seen.

Then again, can anyone really be all that surprised that the party who’s still slut shaming rape victims would turn around and ignore that Muslims were the victims in the Quebec shooting…just to justify their Islamaphobia? I mean, sure, Trumpers can and will deny that fact until they turn blue in the face. But how about sane Americans? Do rational Republicans, as dying a breed as they are, believe that the Quebec shooting is an example of the dangers of Islam, or the dangers of white supremacy?

Because let’s put the cards on the table here: In America especially, you are far, far more likely to die being shot by a good old boy than a good little Muslim. You’re far, far more likely to be killed by the very gun you buy to protect yourself than you are to be killed in a foreign terror attack on our own soil. The bigger threat to our peace and stability as a species, much less a nation, is the violent rhetoric of white supremacists who think they’re trying to prevent “white genocide,” which to you and me is just called “dating” and “fucking” and “having babies.”

But don’t let all that reality get in the way of your holy war or religious inquisition, President Bannon.


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