It's Easier To Fire Police For Social Media Posts Than Killing Unarmed Citizens

Facebook alton sterling clickbait baton rouge racist policeThis country is totally fucked up. We all know that even in a case with video evidence of a suspect being shot by a police officer for “resisting arrest” or “open carrying while black”, the officers always get the benefit of the doubt, usually put on administrative leave (paid vacation), rarely if ever face charges, and much less are found guilty.
Most of the time they go right back to their jobs and proceed normally with their lives. The very reason we have such an issue in this country right now is because of this. We aren’t holding the bad police officers accountable like we do with people in every other profession.
However, suddenly departments are calling out first responders for racist and inciting posts on social media. This is a good thing – yes – but comparatively it seems like our priorities are a bit screwed up. All of these have happened in the past week.
Two Memphis police officers were immediately suspended for posting this image to Snapchat:
Memphis PD
Former Seattle police officer and current President of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Ron Smith is being forced to resign after posting this tweet:
Capt. Jimmy Morris, of the Columbia, South Carolina Fire Department, was fired after posting the following on Facebook:


“Public Service Announcement: If you attempt to shut down an interstate, highway, etc on my way home, you best hope I’m not one of the first vehicles in line because your ass WILL get run over! Period! That is all….” source
Two Nashville, Tennessee, police officers have been decommissioned over Facebook posts, one for a controversial photo and the other for stating he “would have done 5” in reference to the four shots that killed Philando Castile.

An Overland Park, Kansas, police officer was fired for a bizarre post when he commented on a photo of a Dallas woman’s daughter.

It read: “We’ll see how much her life matters soon. Better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found 🙂 Hold her close tonight it’ll be the last time.” source

I wonder how much better off we would be if these departments would take police brutality and excessive force/unjustified killing complaints as seriously as they do racist social media posts. There is a common sense disconnect here that defies belief.
Finally, a free tip…tensions are super high right now. Be careful what you write, especially if you are in a position of authority. Screenshots are FOREVER.

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