During the presidential election, Hillary Clinton said ISIS was using quotes from Donald Trump in their recruitment videos. Trump supporters were terribly offended by this, calling it liberal propaganda. But in the days following Trump’s victory, ISIS-affiliated websites have been posting videos and statements, all of which are focused on how a Trump presidency will help them build their numbers. From Reuters:

From Afghanistan to Algeria, jihadists plan to use Donald Trump’s shock U.S. presidential victory as a propaganda tool to bring new fighters to their battlefields.

Taliban commanders and Islamic State supporters say Trump’s campaign trail rhetoric against Muslims – at one point calling for a total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States – will play perfectly in their recruitment efforts, especially for disaffected youth in the West.

“This guy is a complete maniac. His utter hate towards Muslims will make our job much easier because we can recruit thousands,” Abu Omar Khorasani, a top IS commander in Afghanistan, told Reuters.

Trump has talked tough against militant groups on the campaign trail, promising to defeat “radical Islamic terrorism just as we won the Cold War.”

The president-elect later toned down his call for a total ban on Muslim entry to say he would temporarily suspend immigration from countries that have “a history of exporting terrorism.”

But he has offered few details on his plans to combat various radical groups, including IS, the Taliban and al Qaeda, which represent a wide spectrum of political views.

“He does not differentiate between extremist and moderate Islamist trends and, at the same time, he overlooks (the fact) that his extremism will generate extremism in return,” Iraq’s powerful Shi’ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said in a statement.

Sadr’s political reform movement, which commands thousands of followers, is a staunch opponent of the radical Sunni movements IS and al Qaeda, and unlike them has not waged or promoted attacks in the West.

The United States has seen a handful of attacks inspired by Islamist militant groups, including the June massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub by a gunman who called a TV station swearing allegiance to IS and the killing of 14 people at a San Bernadino, California, social services agency last December.

U.S. officials have warned the country will likely face a higher risk of similar attacks as IS urges supporters to launch attacks at home instead of joining its fight in the Middle East.

“Our leaders were closely following the U.S. election but it was unexpected that the Americans will dig their own graves and they did so,” said IS’s Khorasani, who described President Barack Obama as a moderate infidel with at least a little brain in comparison to Trump.

The terrorists we are fighting, the terrorists Syrian refugees are fleeing, the terrorists who have slaughtered thousands of Muslims, are using Trump’s election as a marketing tool.

Another group engaged in killing Muslims, the army of Myanmar, took a break from killing and raping the Rohingya to congratulate Donald Trump on his win:

Last week, as the army stormed Muslim villages, the group found time to congratulate Donald Trump for winning the US presidential election.

“Being engulfed in Islamization and illegal immigration problems,” the party wrote, “we the Arakanese people look up to you as a new world leader who will change the rigged system being infested with jihadi infiltrators.”

Human Rights Watch calls what is happening to the Rohingya in Myanmar ethnic cleansing. They detail an attack, one of the deadliest, in 2013:

In the deadliest incident, on October 23, at least 70 Rohingya were killed in a daylong massacre in Yan Thei village in Mrauk-U Township. Despite advance warning of the attack, only a small number of riot police, local police, and army soldiers were on duty to provide security, but they assisted the killings by disarming the Rohingya of their sticks and other rudimentary weapons they carried to defend themselves. Included in the death toll were 28 children who were hacked to death, including 13 under age 5. “First the soldiers told us, ‘Do not do anything, we will protect you, we will save you,’ so we trusted them,” a 25-year-old survivor told Human Rights Watch. “But later they broke that promise. The Arakanese beat and killed us very easily. The security did not protect us from them.”

ISIS is using Donald Trump’s election as a recruitment tool. The armies of Myanmar, who are engaging in ethnic cleansing of Muslims, congratulated Donald Trump on his victory. Two groups slaughtering the very people Trump wants to ban from the United States, two groups who kill woman and children indiscriminately, are, for different reasons, thrilled that Donald Trump is the next president.

This is unprecedented. Because of his unfettered hatred of Muslims, Donald Trump has emboldened not only hate crimes against Muslims here, but all over the world. Muslims being killed by ISIS will most certainly not find an ally anywhere in Trump’s administration. Neither will the Rohingya. Children and families fleeing ISIS will be banned from our country. The Rohingya will continue to die at the hands of the Myanmar armies. Sadly, President Obama lifted sanctions against Myanmar after a pro-democracy government came to power. It would seem that government is not as pro-democracy as the Obama administration was led to believe, and now factions of that government see a Trump presidency as more freedom to slaughter the Rohingya.

America as a whole will likely survive a Trump administration. It is becoming clear that other countries, and other people, will not be so lucky.


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