So a guy named Dave wrote an article full of misogyny about why he’ll never date a feminist. And many, many, many people read Dave’s article, and commented in various ways, some agreeing, most disagreeing. Including me. As of today, my comment has 1,931 likes, and a ton of responses. This is what I wrote:

As a feminist (someone who believes women are people), it is my honor to tell Mr. Hon that he is now part of the Vagenda of Manocide. Which is not an actual thing, but we’ve noticed many men who think like Dave does believe it is. So, congratulations! Now go make me a sandwich.

Snarky? Yep. A little snide? You betcha! But that’s how I write, how I think, and the only way to respond to such a ridiculous article laden with misogyny and alt-right nonsense.

Some other fun comments include:

Hahahahaha… what a complete and utter waste of pixels, syntax and electricity. Dude, I’m surrounded by feminists and I’m one myself, and this stuff is all in your head. None of your “reasons” actually exist. You need to grow up and learn to listen to real-life women instead of projecting a bunch of your own vague anxities onto imaginary ones. The real reason you’ll never date a feminist is that no-self respecting woman would waste her time on a person with this demented a worldview.

I am honored to know the man who wrote that little slice of wonderfulness.

After Dave realized that no self respecting woman would date him, he wrote this article so he could pretend it was his choice.

Seriously considering putting the woman who wrote that in my will. Her comment has over 10K likes, and it should.

If you disagree that rape and being paid less are problems, then you aren’t qualified to date. You’re probably not qualified to be in the presense of a woman, but something tells me your attempts at dating haven’t gone very well because you’re spending too much time on the Red Pill subreddit being convinced that women are out to get your money and children, of which you have neither.

Another amazing response, written by a man much cooler than Dave. Seriously, there are some really funny people online who enjoy mocking misogyny and the people who espouse it.

But if you scroll down, way down, you find this, written by a man named Marshall Beck, to me:
First, fuck you, Marshall. Now, let’s take a look at Marshall’s Facebook page. The first thing that caught my eye was a rather long rant that linked back to Dave’s article:

Dating advice for Men:
1. Don’t date feminists.

2. Date classic women who haven’t had their brains poisoned by made up statistics(lies created to further a cause constructed of lies), rape culture (which asserts most men are abusers and rapists- which such a degrading lie about the generalization of men is in itself sexist), or their eternal mental contradiction of always being a POOR POOR woman who is somehow at the same time an empowered little Ms. Tuffy Pants.

3. If she says she’s on the pill she is likely lieing and wants to use the Feminist/Family Court to lock you into eternal secular slavery while holding your unfortunate child hostage as collateral and as well as for government mandated financial extortion rights.

4. Intercourse with a feminist should be thought of in the same regards as masturbating with lotion filled with acid. It’s as safe for your manhood and general well being.
Feminist Ladies-Us men have had it with your silly girl, psychotic, attacking men and masculinity, Ms. Tuffy pants bullshit. We will now be fighting back which is being assertive and NOT abusive.

MEN-Always remember dating a feminist is playing Russian Rullete with a fully loaded gun. She will betray you, her sick friends will cheer her on for hurting a man and punching male self worth and self-esteem in the heart, and the legal system WILL use her psychosis to strip you of EVERYTHING.

*If you’re a man that disagrees with this then do so at your own risk.*

Good for this guy and look at how this maniacal feminist attempts with the same typical nonsense rhetoric to attack him.…/an-essay-titled-why-ill-never-date-…. -How dare this man be wise enough to want to keep his stuff and not be abused and extorted by a maniacal woman and legal system. How dare he… Hahahaa


Marshall told me to kill myself. Flat-out said to draw a bath and get a razor. Well, guess what, Marshall, you pathetic fuckstick? I am a survivor of two suicide attempts, three rapes, domestic violence, and child abuse. And I’m still here, updating my Vagenda of Manocide (congrats dude, you’re at the top of the Vagenda), daring to use my delicate hands to type words on the internet, smooching my husband the feminist, and watching our son grow into a caring, respectful man. You know, the opposite of you.

Let us close with Marshall’s dating advice for ladies:

Life/Dating Advice For Ladies-
1. Setting your standards based upon the Disney Princess movies you watched as a child is insane. This is reality; it is not ultimate fantasy based reality.
2. You are not a princess unless you come with a crown, kingdom, and a castle.
3. Yes… You can fuck whomever and however many guys you want. It’s called being and staying single, Forever. Alpha Men with standards will not take you seriously as wife or mother material.
4. By the time you’re 35 you’ve hit “the wall”. Remember this when you’re career womananing and working 80 hours a week throughout your 20’s and 30’s instead of setting time aside to spend time with a man who’s kids you’d like to have someday.
5. Contribute.
6. Realize and understand 3rd wave feminism was a socially engineered poison to make as many women, families, and children as possible fail and therefore end up dysfunctional, miserable, and “in/paying” the system.


Isn’t he adorable! Bless his heart.



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