I need to do this, unfortunately, in an attempt to stave off the fears of those who were brave enough to actually click through to the piece and didn’t just howl and wale when they read the headline, so here it goes:
I am in favor of smart gun laws. I am in favor of tightening our background checks. I’m not “pro-gun.” I’m not “anti-gun.” I’m “anti-idiots with guns.” So with that said…
As of about twenty minutes, word got out that the Democrats were ending their pseudo-filibuster of the House, and I really hope that it eventually wins them a vote on their “no fly, no buy” gun control amendment. And, once they get their vote, I hope it fails. In fact, I hope that a lot of Democrats actually vote “no” on it. Why? Am I a callous, gun loving ammosexual?
Nah. I’m a due process zealot. I just love me some due process.
Due process, by the way, doesn’t mean voting on the amendments as I saw some misguided Facebookers claim. It means no one should be stripped of any constitutional right — even the ones we know have made for a more dangerous union — without being given a chance to defend themselves. Yes, even suspected terrorists — at least in the United States we all learned about in grade school — deserve their day in court. The “no fly, no buy” amendment completely circumvents that paradigm, perhaps out of good intentions, but we all know where the road paved with good intentions leads…
…to Fart Town. Or you, know, Hell if religion and God is your thing.
Without due process there is literally no point to our justices system. Even though other countries might do it better now, the fact is that we pretty much invented the idea of presumed innocence. We concocted the kind of court system we have that is allegedly supposed to do everything it can to keep people out of prison, unless the actions of the alleged criminal are such that they simply must be locked up. It’s really hard to think about after 49 people were gunned down because of some asshole’s inability to cope with the fact that he was gay, but even that asshole, had he lived, would have been entitled to a fair trial.

He also would have, in my opinion, been entitled to own a firearm if he had found out he was on the terror watch list, appealed it, and won the appeal. To me, just a humble clown, I kind of feel like the solution to this problem is actually really simple, and it’s staring us in the face to boot. Just fix the terror watch list.
Typically, our government has left much to be desired in the whole “transparency” department. Secret lists suck. I do, however, get the reasoning for having such a list of people. We really don’t want those we have reasonable suspicion will try to kill as many people as possible getting on a flying missile known as a commercial jet. And we really truly don’t want people who have no fucks to give for human life owning a gun that can end human life for so many in so few blinks of an eye.
But by the same token, we owe it to future generations to prevent the kind of governmental overreach that makes gun nuts twitchy to begin with. We owe it to everyone, both pro and anti-gun control, to make sure we don’t go too far in demanding our government do something — anything — to help stanch the bleeding from the thousands of wounds that are opened up every year by an American shooting another American.
Isn’t really baffling that we can’t get our elected officials to compromise on this? If we’re going to have the terror watch list, it can be secret up to a point. But once you know you’re on it, the government is compelled to show you their case against you. And if they can’t prove a case against you, you shouldn’t be on the damn terror watch list, right? We have to, at some point, even as liberals admit that life has inherent risks. If we’re going to even pretend that we’re a free society, we have to stop being so concerned about “security” if it means something really dumb like the “no fly, no buy” amendment as it sits is going to get put into law.
The government fucks up, like all the time. Even as a hardcore libtarded libtard who worships the government and S’s its D almost constantly, I can admit that it fails. Often. Hell, Martin Luther King Jr. was under FBI surveillance and by all accounts was a gun owner. John Lennon was being watched by the FBI in the 1970’s. So let’s not pretend that being on a government list inherently makes you a bad person.
That being said — precaution isn’t a bad thing. Being smart about weapons of war — and a modified M-16, which the AR-15 most definitely is sure fits that category — and who they end up in the hands of isn’t un-American. Then again, kicking the can over and over and over again until the issue comes to a violent and bloody head is very American. Just ask the slaves.
Something has to be done. It makes sense to keep terrorists away from guns, but it doesn’t make sense to give the government permission to circumvent any right with a secret list that you can’t appeal. Liberals are supposed to get that. So please, start fucking getting that.



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