These days, it might be easier to ask who in the Trump administration ISN’T a serial liar – Scott Pruitt claimed he didn’t use personal email (he did), Betsy DeVos lied about not being on her family foundation board (she was), Steve Mnuchin insisted the bank he ran never used robo-signing in foreclosures (they did), Tom Price lied that the insider price he paid for biotech stock was available to everyone (it wasn’t), and every day Jeff Sessions tells new lies about what he did and didn’t say to the Russians (apparently quite a bit).  

As Jon Stewart so brilliantly pointed out, Trump’s famous catch phrase, “Believe me”, is usually only said by someone who is lying. So since Trump is making Fraud Great Again, why can’t a middle-aged suburban Jewish mother turn into a fraudulent 20-something pop star to sing about it?


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