We know there’s always some dissembling in politics – candidates pretend they really love eating deep fried hotdogs at county fairs, elected officials smile through ludicrous ceremonial duties like pardoning turkeys, congresspeople pretend to represent all their constituents instead of their donors.¬†But usually entire parties at least have some basic principles – Democrats support social safety net programs, Republicans¬†object to those programs because they hate deficit spending.

However, in the Era of Trump, any pretense the GOP had of adhering to core principles is as demolished as the First Amendment would be if Steve Bannon had his way. Deficits are bad – but not when it comes to building a wall or repealing the ACA. President Obama was a slacker for playing golf and taking a couple of vacations – but it’s fine with them if Trump golfs every weekend, including costing the government more in travel expenses for one month than Obama did in a year. Media leaks are great if they show sniping among the DNC – but they’re awful when they reveal Trump campaign aides communicating with the Russian government.

So here’s a musical list, in a song that basically wrote itself (I just looked at a bunch of headlines and paired them up by what rhymed . . . )


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