The week just wouldn’t be complete without a round-up of the most egregiously antisemitic, racist, homophobic, and just downright hateful tweets we could find. Well, by “we” I mean me. Because as always I’d like to remind you that these tweets are primarily made up of what I get from people on Twitter after they see my vaguely Jewish last name and see that I have an opinion they don’t like.

And now, onto the shit show!


Incredible! He was able to give me a clinical psychological profile and enlighten me that Snopes and Media Matters are only used by “oven dodgers” when they are cornered. I don’t know about any ovens, but am sure glad the Dodgers are heading into the playoffs. So, there’s that at least.
One thing I have learned about Nazis…they really don’t care about being called Nazis. Which is nice. You know, considering that they’re Nazis and all. Oh, but remember: the alt-right isn’t full of racist, white supremacist dirt bags. That’s just Killary Clitstoned making up lies for the Jewstream Media to spread!racisttweet052 Aaaand here we have some more Internet psychology with a nice, healthy dose of antisemitism. Because the two really do go together like peanut butter and hating Jews.racisttweet053

In this example, we learn that whether or not you actually practice Judaism, you’re a Jew if a Nazi thinks you’re a Jew. Now, to be fair to this simple minded twit, I’m pretty sure actual Nazis in Hitler’s Germany were wired the same way. If they thought you were a Jew, well, you were a Jew. 
racisttweet054 Now this is just completely inaccurate. I am fat, but I wasn’t having sex when he sent this, and as I’ve stated before, my Jewishness is from heritage, not religion. But still, I guess one out of three ain’t bad for a Nazi.racisttweet055 I’m really just including this one to show you that he can switch it up from time to time and use a different epithet besides “Jew.”racisttweet056 Nazis can totally multitask guys. Here we see antisemitism and homophobia. It really is a skill that so few people have, to be so broadly based in their hatred of human beings just because they’re different than themselves.racisttweet057 This guy I think really wanted to fuck me. Just a guess though.racisttweet058

All Jews are funny, according to this guy. I’d take it as a compliment, but I’d have to culturally appropriate Jewishness and Jewish stereotypes to do so.racisttweet050

And finally, remember when people scoff at you for saying Pepe the Frog has been co-opted by right-wing Nazis that this tweet exists.



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