As I reported yesterday: the Republicans in the House voted yesterday (Monday) to completely eviscerate the Office of Congressional Ethics. For some reason, they do not enjoy having a mostly independent group sticking its nose into their business and making sure they are compliant with the rules and regulations of the government.

It went up for a full vote Tuesday, and it failed to pass. Why? Well, some media outlets reported it was a tweet by PEOTUS, but that was not the real reason.

All those individual phone calls added up! The people were able to stop it by making their voices heard. Angry calls from constituents were the biggest factor in preventing the amendment.
This is something we can do!

The easiest thing to do is use this website to find out who your representative is.


How? Well, we caught it early and had a targeted response. Everyone mobilized rapidly.

I think a big difference is we felt safe under President Obama, but now we are afraid. It is like Trump is already POTUS, with the new Congress in place and his inability to wait until his inauguration to play at president, and we are scared. Because of that, we are paying more attention to what is happening in D.C.

One of the next big things coming up is supposed to be the big fight over repealing and replacing the ACA. How do we fight the repeal of Obamacare? What about the privitization of Social Security and Medicare? We need to inspire our representatives to stand up to Trump by calling them…and calling them often. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, remember?

You may also take the poll Paul Ryan is conducting, which is true per Snopes.

The survey can be accessed by calling either (202) 225-3031 or (202) 225-0600. In each case, there is a period of silence before callers are asked to press “2” if they want to “express [their] opinion on President [Barack] Obama’s healthcare law”; for example, it took two minutes and 30 seconds before being able to begin the process while calling the latter number.

At that point, a statement plays promoting not only Ryan’s opposition to the law, but also his support for House Resolution 3762, which House Republicans passed in October 2015 in an effort to repeal portions of the ACA…

However, the recording does not mention that HR 3762 also called for a one-year freeze on federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

These are two things anyone can do with a minimum amount of effort that can make a huge difference. The proof of that was seen today.

This set of viral tweets, written by a lady who worked As a congressional staff member for six years, explains in greater detail why calling works, and exactly what to say.

  • Call the district office
  • Be kind but firm with staffers
  • If possible, get to know reps by attending town halls

Two phone calls. Two calls that could, when combined with everyone else’s, potentially stop some of the worst anti-ethics legislation we have seen.

Let’s start dialing!


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