sit-in house floorIn a fantastic display of hypocrisy, the House GOP had the cameras and microphones cut from the house floor today to prevent the public from watching the sit-in led by Civil Rights Legend John Lewis. However, apparently nobody informed Speaker Ryan that technology exists that would allow regular folks to use their pocket-sized devices to record what is happening and simultaneously broadcast it over the big boxes in everyone’s living rooms. For regular people, that translates to: Someone got out his phone and used Periscope to outsmart the douche, and C-SPAN carried the coverage.
Now that Paul Ryan looks like an extra-large twatwaffle, who believes so strongly in having absolutely no limits whatsoever on the Second Amendment whatsoever including even a background check to make sure a terrorist does not get a gun, that he will trounce all over the First Amendment and suppress the living shit out of the Freedom of Speech of his very own government colleagues, maybe we can actually get a vote on something?
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) gave an excellent and rousing speech referencing her friend Gabby Giffords.
Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) made clear the vote requested was simply for universal background checks, and there is nothing radical about it. Also, “If you are on the terrorist watch-list, you can’t walk into a gun store and legally buy a gun. Really, really, Mr. Speaker, you’re holding up a vote on a bill that would say that people on a terrorist watch-list, a potential clear and present danger to the citizens of the United States of America, should be able to legally buy guns? Really, Mr. Speaker? Let us vote!”
“No bill, no break! No bill, no break!”

Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) “The NRA has a voice here, the gun manufacturers have a voice in this place, but for some reason the Republicans cannot explain, the voice of the people is locked out, left out, and left behind.”
“The only job you have as Speaker is to bring a vote to this floor.”
I personally cannot believe our government is in such disarray that it takes this ridiculous level of bullshittery to get a fucking vote. Seriously? This has been going on since 11:25EST, with no vote in sight. There is an alert at the bottom of the screen, from C-SPAN, that says: “CAMERAS IN CHAMBER CONTROLLED BY HOUSE – HOUSE IS CURRENTLY IN RECESS SUBJECT TO CALL – HOUSE CAMERAS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SHOW SIT-IN”
And a shout-out to Republicans who decided to school Rep. John Lewis on the definition of Civil Rights. Specifically, Rep. Mark Walker, 6th District of North Carolina, who is as white as the cotton growing on the side of my Mississippi highway.
Here’s hoping the majority of Americans who want some sensible gun legislation get it. Do your fucking jobs.


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