Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have twice woefully misjudged her competition in as many runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, but she insists that doesn’t mean she’d make the same mistake with foes of the U.S. if she becomes president.

Clinton is working to reassure voters who wonder if her continued inability to identify genuine threats to her political ambitions portends her inability to identify bona fide threats to American interests.

The former first lady maintains that her initial miscalculations of the presidential candidacies of then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008 and current Democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders are not indications she, as president of the United States, would take too lightly those who have ill intentions against the country.

“Look, I may have thought Democratic primary and caucus voters would agree with my assessment that President Obama was unelectable eight years ago — and again assumed the same thing regarding Bernie Sanders this time around — but that doesn’t mean I’ll be a commander in chief who fails to recognize threats to our national security,” Clinton told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “Just because I underestimate my rivals, it doesn’t mean I’ll underestimate America’s enemies.”

In the 2008 race, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton attempted to dismiss Obama’s longshot campaign with the help of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who called it “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” More recently, in a case of political déjà vu, Hillary Clinton largely ignored Sanders’ groundswell of support until his poll numbers were nearly equal to hers.

Nevertheless, the former first lady contends, “My hubris as a candidate for president does not equate to my hubris as president. I may not be able to identify an insurgency from within my own party, but I can certainly spot one on the other side of the world.”


Republished from The Red Shtick.


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