I see so many of you wearing thin already, only eleven days in to this nightmare of a presidency. Y’all are on overload, and I completely understand it. Believe me, I get it. But you need to take care of yourselves first. Get away from the 24 hour news cycle; allow yourselves to do something different! Read a book (not a political history one either!) or binge watch a show. There are ways to keep up without going completely insane, and you can have the best of both worlds. I have been testing different apps and websites, and no, nobody is paying me to promote any of these. However, I am open to the idea should someone like to.

Everyone should have a copy of the Constitution handy. It is really concerning how much it is being ignored at the moment. My favorite one, free from the AppStore, is Constitution and Federalist Papers by Multieducator Inc. It contains explanations and commentary, along with all of the Federalist papers, with NO ADS. You can purchase the key Supreme Court Cases and the State of the Unions for $0.99 each if you decide you want them. It has a search function and is overall the cleanest and easiest to use.

For news, I recommend The Skimm. It is relatively new, but the husband and I really enjoyed the trial period on the app. The husband, as busy as he is, has decided it is worth every bit of the $2.99 per month for the premium. You can click here to read today’s Skimm; it is an incredibly unbiased, shortened form of the most relevant news. It contains links if you want to read more about any story, but overall it will give you the highlights in a smart, witty and shortened form. There are a few other cool features such as calendar integration you can read about. You can also just receive it in your email for free, with the basic edition.

If you want more in-depth information, you can keep track of legislation via govtrack.us. You simply enter your address to find your representative and senators and then get alerts, and/or you can browse legislation that affects you. After setting up an account, I set up a weekly email to track my senators and representative. I will add specific bills over the next several weeks and months.

Then I splurged on an app called CongressPro. For $12, I have all the information I could ever want on every member of Congress, including contact (telephone, address, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), capitol staff, legislative activity (committee assignments ), campaign information, news, and note-taking ability. I won’t be giving this one up. For more basic information, they do offer a pared down version called Congress for $1.99. It has the contact information and campaign information included. Either app will save you tons of time when trying to find contact information to send nasty letters or make irate phone calls.

Finally, don’t be afraid to step away for a day or two and let politics stay on hold. We will still be here, and of course we will continue to bring you the most important stories. Go star gazing or out on a date. Maybe just sit somewhere and people watch. The Trumpocalypse will continue either way, so you might as well enjoy yourself a bit.


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