target transgender bathrooms katcWith the summer coming up, and everyone taking vacations, and of course the big June 4 boycott of Target, I thought this would be an excellent time to point out all the places to be extra cautious of if you want to remain unfailing in your application of “fraidy cat” scare tactics. Or for the sane among us who plan to do all our Target shopping on June 4 in peace, here is a quick guide of nice places to go this summer that should be free of self-righteous Kim Davis wanna-be Bible thumpers. You’re welcome!
First, here’s a map of cities and states that have laws in place with anti-LGBT discrimination laws. (Note: This means they are gonna frown on anybody taking it upon themselves to self-police genitalia in the potty rooms.) You will want to avoid these places on road trips as well.
Next, if you plan to boycott Target for their inclusive bathroom policy, you will also want to avoid these other stores with the same policies. Just to be consistent. I hate it for you, but bless your hearts, it’s really gonna suck when you can’t have those $5 coffees at the bookstore!

Starbucks Lord & Taylor McDonald’s – by location Toys ‘R Us
Sak’s Fifth Avenue Barnes & Noble  Walgreens JC Penny

Finally, if you want to go all-in with your Jesus-Hate, I recommend you boycott the 407 companies that scored a perfect 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. I know it might be a little bit hard, but Republican Jesus is counting on you patriotic Christians to stand up for traditional biblical values.
These Ginormous businesses not only support LGBTQ within their organizations, but they also contribute to the social acceptance and civil rights within the greater community. The easiest thing to do would be to stick with Chick Fil A and anything you can build from crap at Hobby Lobby, but you’re gonna want to buy that with cash and ride your shitty bicycle to and from just to be safe. Go ahead and pay off your mortgage, too, and most of you are gonna want to quit your day jobs. It’s probably safest just to go work for your church. Actually, I’m thinking most of you will find it easiest to be Amish.
Here is a list of some of the more commonly frequented places. You can find the complete list here:
Abercrombie                   American Express                       Aetna                                AT&T
American Eagle              Bank of America                          Blue Cross                        Apple
Adidas                              Barclays                                         Cigna                                 Best Buy
Anheuser-Busch            Capital One                                   CVS                                    Cisco
Ben & Jerry’s                  Citigroup                                       American Airlines           Comcast NBC
Bristol-Myers                 Discover                                         Chevron                             Dell
Campbell’s Soup            Ford                                                Dow Chemical                  DirecTV
Coach                               General Motors                            General Electric               DropBox
Coca-Cola                        Hartford                                        Hilton                                eBay
ConAgra Foods              John Hancock                              Hyatt                                Facebook
Estee Lauder                  Mastercard                                    JetBlue                               GameStop
Gap                                   Mattel                                             Marriott                             Google
General Mills                  McGraw Hill                                 MetLife                            Hewlett Packard
Hallmark                         MillerCoors                                   Nationwide                      Intel
Hershey                           Nestle                                             Nissan                               Intuit
Home Depot                   Nike                                                Nordstrom                       Microsoft
IKEA                                 Office Depot                                 Orbitz                                Oracle
Johnson & Johnson      PepsiCo                                          PayPal                               Prudential
Kellogg                             Proctor & Gamble                        Shell                                  SIRIUS XM
Kraft                                 Sony                                                Southwest Air                  Sprint
Land O Lakes                 Staples                                            Starwood                          State Farm
Macy’s                              Time Warner                                T-Mobile                           Twitter
Y’all have an awesome summer! Oh, and don’t forget NASCAR and the NBA. Those guys are super-pissed about the new Hate Laws, and they’ve spoken out against them as well. You’ll want to skip pretty much all the sporting events, beer companies, airlines, car companies, food, computers, and for the love of GAWD every social media creator known to man.
Consistency is a virtue!


  1. I say if transgenders have the right to force their crap on us I say as bigots have the right to force our bigotry on them


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