We all know Grumpy Grampa Bill O’Reilly made a complete ass of himself with his imbecilic, brain-dead ranting in response to the First Lady’s speech and her mention of slavery. How dare she bring up the “S” word; that’s so racist! And in typical Trumponian fashion, today he doubled-down on it.

“As any honest historian knows in order to keep slaves and free laborers strong, the Washington administration provided meat, bread and other staples, also decent lodging on the grounds of the new presidential building,” said O’Reilly. “That is a fact. Not a justification, not a defense of slavery. Just a fact.” source

Unfortunately all those “honest historians” don’t actually exist in Real World USA. We barely have enough evidence to know that slaves worked on the White House; we sure as shit don’t know any details about how they were treated. Now, we can all guess Bill O’Reilly us about old enough to have been an eye witness to these events, but unless he has some pretty fucking vivid memories of his diaper days – the early ones, not the current ones – he’s got nothing more than bullshittery here. Opinion does not equal fact, and I expect a journalist, even one at Fox News, to have a basic grasp of that concept.
Based on actual historic evidence, slaves were treated like animals. In lieu of any hard and fast evidence to the contrary, shut the fuck up Grampa!

But Bill O’Reilly kept going and just got worse. Very much like another pathological sociopath we know, rather than stop there, Grampa took it a few steps farther and blamed the evil liberal media for attacking him! Because only liberals believe in slavery and how evil and horrible it was.

Tonight he called these critics “smear merchants,” something of a promotion above the term “far left loons” that he deployed earlier in a tweet. “The rank tabloid New York Daily News wrote, quote, ‘O’Reilly defends use of White House slaves.’ That is a lie. I defended nothing. The publisher of the Daily News Mort Zuckerman allows that kind of stuff on a daily basis. It is despicable. USA Today did the same thing. ‘Bill O’Reilly defended the working conditions slaves faced while building the White House.’ Another lie.”

Yup. Those libtarded SJW’s had the audacity to quote you! EVIL MEANIES! It’s so unfair of them to do that stuff. When you fuck up, it is absolutely best to blame people for misunderstanding you rather than just say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” That would be all politically correct, and we cannot have that in TeaBilly O’Reilly Land, now can we? In another minute, you’ll be doing talking points about indentured servants and your Irish ancestors or something.
I cannot wait until Bill O’Reilly blames President Obama, again, for the racial divisiveness in this country. Next time he does, please someone pull out this story. In the meantime, I hope Roger Ailes’ replacement decides Bill needs to retire. Or maybe he could be Trump’s Director of Communications.


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