I’m starting to wonder if Republican voters and congressdouchebags are the largest section of the sleeping pill market. I can’t imagine it’s easy to rest your head on a pillow of such naked, outright hypocrisy as these clowns do these days. The Trump presidency has time and again given us ample opportunity to find, dissect, and eviscerate the Republican Party’s brazen hypocrisy. Maybe Trump should put “helped prove what a mendacious, delusional, alternate reality dwelling group of sociopaths and liars the Republican Party has become” on his list of 100 Day Accomplishments.

They bitched about the “lawless” Obama for years, and yet when he wanted to bomb Syria, he had the courage to actually go the route the Constitution requires and he asked Congress. When they denied him, he was honorable and didn’t unilaterally. Trump has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in history and launched a pointless airstrike on a Syrian airbase that was operational the next day without getting Congressional approval.

They carped and whined about Obama’s executive orders, which put in historical context were some of the lowest in volume of any modern president. But now that Trump has been smashing his tiny fists down on order after order and signing them — sometimes literally without fucking reading them and admitting it while doing so — they’re totes cool with it. Not because they realized that Obama wasn’t really some lawless tyrant, but because the Orange Twat Waffle’s orders are specifically designed to destroy Obama’s. Tit for tat hypocrisy.

And for nearly a decade they lied and said that when Obamacare was passed, that Democrats wrote an exemption for themselves for it.  Let me reiterate — that was a lie they told for years. Every reputable fact checker dinged them on it. But they persisted in telling it. So of course when it came time to draft their replacement for the Affordable Care Act, they weren’t brazen enough to exempt themselves from it, right?

Right? Well…


Per The Hill:

The new changes to the bill would allow states to apply for waivers for certain ObamaCare provisions, such as a ban on insurers charging premiums based on a customer’s health and the requirement that insurers’ basic health plans cover certain services, like prescription drugs and mental health.  (source)

So to summarize, the GOP wants to make insurance more expensive for already sick people, wants to give insurance carriers permission to gut basic services, and wants to let them stop providing mental health benefits. Oh, but not for them. They get to keep all those things for themselves.

In other words:

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You know, it’s kind of hilarious in a “pull your testicles out via your anus” kind of way that the very same people who tell us how vile and uncaring the government is are now using the government like this. It’s the exact same people who have told us that Democrats only care about themselves, and that they don’t really care about the poor or sick. Yet, when push comes to shove, here we see the good Christians of the right giving themselves a sweet deal and the rest of the country a rotten bag of shit with “medicine” written in sharpie on it.

I’d love to believe this will finally wake up the right to how duped they’ve been. It won’t though. For the most part I’ve seen the social media reaction from rank and file conservatives to be, essentially, “Good start, but not draconian enough. Can we maybe also make it legal to shit in the mouths of poor people?” So in fact, they’ll just go doe eyed and suddenly forget that they were lied to for years about how Congress was exempt from Obamacare, and will run headlong into the arms of the big, orange facsist Daddy.

It’s not that I’m surprised by the GOP’s hypocrisy anymore, it’s just that every time it happens it absolutely needs to be well-documented. Maybe I’m just a stickler for passing down an accurate historical record of our life and times to future generations, maybe I just have some kind of illness that prevents me from not mentioning it, but every single time they speak from the opposite side of their mouths and do something they were literally lying about just a matter of months ago, it needs to be called out.

For however much good that it does us.

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