The power brokers within the Republican Party are hopeful they can thwart Donald Trump from becoming the GOP’s presidential nominee with a ringing endorsement by former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Fearing Trump as the face of their party would spell its demise, Republican insiders are reportedly urging Jindal to publicly and earnestly back Trump in an effort to halt the front-runner’s steady victory march to the GOP convention in July.

“Bobby Jindal recently stated he’d rather not see Mr. Trump get the nomination, but said he would support him if he got the nomination,” Republican National Committee spokesperson Sean Spicer said. “We’re just hoping he’d be willing to support Trump now, before he secures the nomination, in order to help ensure he doesn’t actually get the nomination.”

Spicer said a handful of influential members of the Republican establishment are working to sway the former presidential candidate into giving Trump his proven poison pill of a nod sooner rather than later.

“While endorsing Mr. Trump now may seem repugnant to Gov. Jindal, we are appealing to his sense of duty to the party,” Spicer explained. “We’ve tried just about everything to stop Mr. Trump’s advance to securing the requisite 1,237 delegates at the convention. We’re hoping Gov. Jindal’s notorious kiss-of-death endorsement will finally undermine Trump’s seemingly indefatigable popularity.”

Spicer cited Jindal’s history of backing losers — including Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president in 2012, state Rep. Neil Riser for Congress in 2013, and Sen. Marco Rubio for president just a few weeks ago — as evidence of his endorsement being a “campaign killer.”

“Just look at what happened to Sen. Rubio,” Spicer maintained. “One day, he was hanging in there, fighting the good fight. Then, he got the Jindal endorsement. Just over a month later, he dropped out of the race. That’s the kind of weapon we need to use against Mr. Trump to save the party of Lincoln.”

Spicer said that even if Jindal’s endorsement of Trump proves ineffective against Trump’s momentum, Jindal may be able to stymie the front-runner another way.

“Many of the party leaders would like nothing more than to be rid of Mr. Trump. Well, who better to exorcise Mr. Trump from the GOP than a Republican leader who participated in an actual exorcism?” Spicer said of Jindal.


Republished from The Red Shtick.


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