I have no earthly clue if Donald Trump means all, some, or none of the toxic shit that comes out of his mouth. If you read him at face value, he’s a giant bigoted Birther who has encouraged wanton physical violence against people at his rallies if they don’t support him. The latest incident is, to me, the last straw for this whole “Let’s just uncomfortably giggle and hope he goes away” mentality we’ve all adopted. Trump may be a blowhard reality-TV piece of shit with zero substance inside his entire body other than loosely piled ham shavings and racist rhetoric, but what’s happening at his rallies is a form of domestic terrorism, and the joke of it all isn’t so funny anymore.

The thing about jokes is that they stop being funny if you’ve heard them too many times. As a comedian, my greatest weapon is surprise. But no one is surprised anymore by the stories of abject violence at Trump rallies, and even as someone who has literally written comedic pieces about Trump speeches that erupt during Klan rallies, I’m not so sure the joke is going to be funny much anymore. If you haven’t seen the latest horrifically violent and random assault of a person of color at a Trump rally, watch the clip below from a Trump event in North Carolina.

So now that we’ve all seen this bullshit, we’re on board to say “enough is enough” right? It’s not funny anymore. Not that I’m going to stop writing satirical pieces about Trump and his supporters — it’s how I deal with terrible things in life. But what started out as a head-scratching bit of WTF has gone on too far. Trump and his supporters are making me feel like when I was a really heavy drinker. There was that line you’d get to where everything is great and funny and entertaining. Then at any moment it could fall apart and you find yourself retching and heaving and vomiting, realizing the hilarity had stopped a long time ago, and now you’re just in great physical and emotional pain.

I would love to believe this country by and large isn’t stupid enough to elect Trump. I would really love to believe that. Truthfully though, I’m not so confident about that. Just listening to the cheers of the crowd as Trump bloviated in front of them while a black man was assaulted for no reason makes me realize how many millions of idiots we must live among. Racist, stupid idiots who believe the earth is 6,000 years old and slavery was just a minor, almost insignificant thing that had nothing to do with the Civil War. We are living with a gigantic population of people who think what we all just watched in that video is no big deal.

Trump is chilling in his douchebaggery. And yes, it’s great that he’s exposing the Republican base for what it is and has become, but what good does that do if the morons out vote us in November?

What is it going to take, America? How many acts of violence at Trump rallies do we have to witness? How many former Grand Wizards of the KKK have to endorse him before we take this bullshit seriously? Is it going to take an actual fucking lynching to break out for us to wake up? Those idiots have a constitutional right to follow whatever protofascist asshole they want to, but they do not have a right to drag this country back decades, and they sure as fuck don’t have the right to physically assault people they disagree with.

Racism being dead in this country has gone from being a morbid joke to an outright insult. If you can watch videos like this one and still convince yourself that racism isn’t that big a deal in America in 2016, please contact me here at Modern Liberals and let me know the drugs you’re on…and if you’ll share them.



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