Yet another grown adult has to learn the hard way that social media is widespread and it is forever. After Representative John Lewis (D-GA) went on Meet the Press and told Chuck Todd he thought Trump’s presidency was illegitimate, Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter expressed his enlightened opinion online. In a move widely viewed as mature, responsible, and never one to cause anybody to lose their job, Mr. Hunter played racist keyboard warrior on Facebook to make his tiny…hands…feel bigger.

Hunter was first elected to Gwinnett County’s Board in 2012, and it should be noted he barely won his reelection bid in November, 51-49%. This soap opera will surely help.

He made sure to post publicly, so his friends and constituents could weigh in, and eventually so could the rest of the free world.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution caught the screenshots:

Wow. That is seriously kkklassy and not racist at all! I feel a little badly for Seth Weathers, but he really should have stayed out of it.

Unfortunately, the comments about Rep. Lewis were not the only questionable things on Hunter’s Facebook page.

Sometime shortly before 11 a.m. Monday, however, the “racist pig” post was no longer on Hunter’s timeline. The page’s privacy settings also appeared to be changed, but the other posts mentioned above were still visible to “friends” and “followers” — along with additional posts mocking U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, asking if there were “any white guys” on the University of Alabama’s football team and criticizing Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision to declare a state of emergency ahead of last weekend’s ultimately uneventful winter storm.

In November, he used the word “libtard” in a comment on one of his own Facebook posts.

The privacy changes on Hunter’s Facebook page were likely in response to an influx of nasty comments, many of which called the commissioner disparaging names or urged him to “stay classy.” (AJC)

Later, after he was completely busted, Hunter released a statement:

“While I am grateful for what the Congressman did in Selma and other times during the civil rights movement, you get respect by showing respect,” Hunter wrote. “He is using his fame as a way to continually divide the races and in this case standing on the very much unsubstantiated claim that the guy I voted for [Trump] is racist and only won because of Russians hacking the election—which, of course, we all know didn’t occur.”

“So, true to exactly what the political pundits said would happen, he makes the claim that Trump, and all of us that voted for him, are illegitimate,” Hunter’s message continued. “Therefore I claim [Lewis] is illegitimate and make just as many unsubstantiated claims as [Trump] does. After all, in today’s world, it’s not about the evidence, but the seriousness of the charges.”

I have tried to make sense of this. But the logic does not match up for me. I have always been taught that respect is earned. Donald Trump has yet to one damn thing to earn my respect, but John Lewis has. Whether Lewis was right or wrong is not the point here. There is a diplomatic and presidential way to handle situations. Trump’s way, and that of his minions, is not it. Also, Hunter makes a claim that there was no Russian involvement. I’m pretty sure he does not have high enough clearance in Wherever-ville Georgia to know much about that.

Ultimately, the guy started off by quoting Rush Limbaugh. After that, everything else was pretty null and void.


  1. “…he makes the claim that Trump, and all of us that voted for him, are
    illegitimate,” Hunter’s message continued. “Therefore I claim [Lewis] is
    illegitimate and make just as many unsubstantiated claims as [Trump]

    tl;dr: “I know you are, but what am I? Nyah nyah nyah!”


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