George Zimmerman is garbage in a human suit.
Most people, when they are acquitted of a murder have the decency to shut the fuck up about it and go away. Getting away with murder is just one of those things you’re supposed to quietly be thankful for, and then go the fuck away, forever. It’s part of the deal we make with you when we don’t get to punish you for murder.
I imagine, therefore, that upon reading stories like the one below, that most of you were like me and had a reaction that mixed vomiting, rage, and sadness in equal levels.
Zimmerman is auctioning his murder weapon.
My friend and colleague Erin did a great job summarizing the post Zimmerman made that accompanied the auction. I frankly don’t feel like wasting any more digital space on the disgusting, hubris-filled sales job on the weapon he used to murder an innocent teenager. And yes, racists throughout the country, Trayvon was innocent as fuck because the last time I checked, walking home with a soft drink and candy isn’t actually a capital offense in Florida, or any other state.
Whether or not Zimmerman and Martin scuffled is not the question. Hell, whether or not Zimmerman actually killed Martin was never in doubt. But what will never sit well with so many is that Zimmerman was very obviously the aggressor. He was very clearly a hot-tempered authoritarian with no real authority. He instigated a confrontation when all he had to do was let the police do their goddamned job.
And now he’s trying to re-write history as a crime fighting vigilante who was given no choice but to snuff out a hardened thug…in a hoodie…with Skittles…
I actually loathe on some level writing about this auction because it makes me revisit the facts of the case. It makes me once again confront the fact that Zimmerman skated for a crime that had he committed in my state he would have rotted in jail for the rest of his natural life for. Hell, 20 years ago in Florida, without a stupid “Stand Your Ground” law, Zimmerman would have been toast too. Had Martin been white, I have to wonder if Zimmerman would have gotten off. The image of the scary black thug in a hoodie is one that many like Zimmerman point to. Because you know, racism is dead and stuff, right?
I am left once again with the raw, burning feeling of white-hot anger that Zimmerman isn’t behind bars. Compounding that anger is the fact that in the ensuing three years or so since his acquittal, he has been involved in gun-related violence, road rage, and domestic abuse showing that this is a dangerous person who walked away from a murder charge thanks to a massive loophole the gun lobby helped create.
The truth is though, that even if it were “justified” — which his homicidal act was most certainly not — it’s still just ghastly and horrid to try and capitalize on it. I’m sure he doesn’t care, but Zimmerman showed absolutely not compassion for Trayvon’s family in doing this. No matter what vicious rhetoric comes out of his mouth about the boy he killed, there are still people who loved that boy. There are still people who daily grieve his loss, and there are still people whose lives would be better with him in it.
The hate-rage that this poser generates is off the charts. I can’t really get all that intellectual on my feelings about this man and this gun auction, because it defies the laws of decency so much, and this is coming from a guy who makes dick and dildo jokes about pretty much everyone, so decency and political correctness aren’t really on the forefront of my mind myself.

He is so loathsome, so bereft of a human conscience that it almost gives us carte blanche to think and say the most horrid and horrific things we can about him. He’s the Donald Trump of wrongfully-acquitted murderers. There is clearly nothing redeemable about this man.
I’m also starting to feel like George Zimmerman proves there is no God. How could there be in a universe that allows this man to play wannabe cop, kill a boy he simply could have left alone, get away with murder, then act like a violent murderer would act, and show the goddamned dearth of principle it takes to sell your motherfucking murder weapon? 
If ever you needed proof that this shit is all random, George Zimmerman’s stubborn continued inhalations and exhalations are all the proof you need.
I assume that the auction will be pulled, if it hasn’t already, because there will be a large public outcry over this. I wish there was some other form of punishment we could inflict on George, but there just isn’t. So instead, I’m left with the only avenue I have to expunge the feelings of white-hot, blinding anger he brings out in me every time I hear or read about his latest escapades.
So I will close this out with what is admittedly just going to be a stream of expletives and ad hominem attacks, but he’s not worth anything more than that.
George Zimmerman is a weeping, oozing, open hemorrhoid on the asshole of humanity. He is proof that millions of years of evolution don’t mean shit. He’s the pluperfect example of why the Second Amendment was great for its time but is in need of a dire re-write so that it can be infringed like a motherfucker when someone shows such a depraved lack of dignity and respect for another human being. One day, this unctuous, obnoxious, murderous fuckwit is going to cross the line with someone who is just as violent and uncaring as he is, and I can only hope cameras are rolling to catch it; because if ever there was a man who made it okay to wish horrible things on him, it’s a man who tries to auction his fucking murder weapon for cash.
Garbage. In a human suit.



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