Your 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate, ladies and gentlemen:

Screw this shit. The thrice married, philandering, Playboy Mansion visiting Cheeto Jizz King is going with the “Let me shame a woman for keeping her marriage together after an affair” play?

An assistant to Flowers told BuzzFeed News in the past she had declined such invitations, not wanting to be a “sideshow,” but said she would forward the invite to Flowers.

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Judy Stell, her personal assistant then confirmed she would be attending.

“Ms. Flowers has agreed to join Donald at the debate,” she said.

A Trump campaign spokesman did not immediately respond to a BuzzFeed News if the invite was official.

The co-chair of the nonpartisan commission that operates the debates said on Saturday that Cuban will not actually be sitting in the front row. But he will attend the debate, continuing his ongoing feud, which dates back about a decade, with Trump. Just this summer, Cuban questioned whether Trump is really a billionaire and criticized Trump as a liar.

Flowers confirmed the news in on her public Facebook linked from her website.

“Hi Donald Trump… I’m in your corner. Of course I will see u at the debate !!,” Flowers wrote on Facebook.

Well then. Congratulations to this campaign. I would like to give a special shout-out to the Evangelicals like Franklin Graham who advocate for Making Families Great Again™, though. No matter how long I looked, the only advice I could find on his website about adultery was forgiveness and staying together. I call on him to officially endorse Hillary Clinton on Christian morality alone.

Do any of these fools think a thirty year old scandal involving Gennifer Flowers is going to bother the formidable HRC? The same woman who sat through eleven hours of Benghazi testimony?

Or is it more likely that this makes every single person who supports it fall even further into the cesspool of inhumanity we keep thinking we have already reached the bottom of?

Just imagine…

  • This is the behavior of our Commander in Chief.
  • This is the behavior of the man who controls our nuclear football.
  • This is the behavior of the Chief Executive Officer of our country.
  • This is the behavior of our country’s representative to our allies and our enemies.
  • This is the behavior of the person responsible for negotiating legislation between democrats and republicans in Congress, and peace treaties between Israel and Palestine.
  • This is the behavior of our leader in times of crisis.

Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and every member of the Republican party should be as frightened as the rest of us. This nation deserves better than a misogynistic Twitter Twat rampaging bully to lead it. And anyone who thinks this is an effective strategy for…well…anything at all needs to climb out of Momma’s basement and join us in the real world for a few minutes.

This is not how it works. This is not how it should work, nor how it could work, nor how it will work.



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