Sometimes conservatives are so self-unaware it’s kind of comical. Their delusion is usually best displayed when they freak out — or don’t freak out — about something involving popular culture. Though they claim to hate Libtarded Hollyweird people, they sure do have an extraordinary amount of fucks to give about one celebrity or another trashing Trump or conservatism. On the issue of Super Bowl halftime shows, I’m finding the right’s reaction to Lady Gaga’s halftime performance during Super Bowl LI to be particularly juice.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, the right was deeply concerned that Gaga, like Beyonce Knowles last year, would inject her performance with political messages. If you recall, Beyonce’s halftime performance from last year’s big game featured messaging that supported Black Lives Matter, and we all know if there’s one thing the permanently-outraged right-wing can’t stand it’s suggesting that black people deserve due process and not just summary executions.

So jump-cut to last night, Gaga does her thing, and clearly American conservatives missed the very obvious messages of resistance and dissent in it. Here’s Aryan snowflake Tammy Lahren’s tweets about Gaga’s performance:

Tammy wasn’t the only conservative who missed Gaga’s messaging either. I saw quite a few right-leaning talking heads express thankfulness for Gaga’s apparent lack of politicization. In fqact, here’s Trump’s propaganda wing tweeting about the halftime show, and stating as fact that she avoided getting political.

But, as is often the case, we’re just seeing conservatives ignoring blatant reality to create one they like better instead.

Lady Gaga opened her set with “This Land Is Your Land,” which is one of this country’s greatest protest songs. Folk singer Woody Guthrie — the badass whose guitar was the machine said to kill fascists — was singing that song in protest of American racism and right-wing fanaticism he’d seen traveling the country. It’s a direct, satirical rebuke of the kinds of things that Sub-President Trump and President Bannon want to accomplish with their Muslim ban.

Then of course you have the fact that Gaga performed what is probably her biggest hit, “Born This Way.” That song is a full-throated roar against bigotry and religious persecution. It in and of itself is a political protest song. Maybe conservatives in the heartland weren’t listening very closely. Because when Lady Gaga sang the following lyrics, it’d be really hard not to find the political messaging in them.

No matter gay, straight, or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I’m on the right track baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I’m on the right track baby
I was born to be brave


Now that we’ve established that in fact Lady Gaga was political in her halftime show, we have to wonder why conservatives missed all the politics in her performance but were so outraged by Beyonce’s. You could argue that Beyonce’s messaging was more front and center, more overt, and that’s true. But to say that Gaga was apolitical and Beyonce wasn’t is an outright falsehood. So, gee, what could the difference be?

Could it be that Beyonce talked about race relations and Gaga didn’t? Well, no, because the lyric above references racial politics in America, doesn’t it? Could it be that Beyonce’s mics were louder than Gaga’s? Or maybe it’s because Beyonce was singing in some language that conservatives don’t speak? Hmm. Gosh, I really wish I could figure out why some conservatives would be outraged by Beyonce’s performance but mostly nonplussed by Gaga’s.



Lady Gaga…



Man, I really wish I could figure out the difference between these two women that Tammy Lahren sees…what…could…it…be…?

Anyway…I’m sure we’ll figure it some day. Maybe not today. But some day we’ll definitely figure out why conservatives thought Lady Gaga’s halftime performance was classy and Beyonce’s wasn’t…some day.

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