religious freedom southern baptist conventionThe Fundgelicals have gone and funda-fucked themselves BIGLY, and the chickens are coming home to roost. In what has to be the greatest irony of my everlasting yet not eternal life, they are now trying to figure out how to pretzel-twist themselves into some kind of logical argument that will validate how all of their new “Religious Freedom Laws” apply only to them and maybe somewhat to Jews and Catholics but NOT AT ALL TO MUSLIMS!

Pastor John Wofford of Armorel Baptist Church in northeast Arkansas raised that question at a national meeting of Southern Baptists this month.
“I would like to know how in the world someone within the Southern Baptist Convention can support the defending of rights for Muslims to construct mosques in the United States when these people threaten our very way of existence as Christians and Americans?” Wofford said. “They are murdering Christians, beheading Christians, imprisoning Christians all over the world.” Source

Before I go any further, I’d like to point out something here. Pastor John has a point. Once you get past how freakishly close to “amoral” the name of his church is, and reread the name three times to make sure, it does seem there are some extremists in religious groups who threaten the way of life for other people who don’t believe the way they do. Hmmm…Wait for it…

Renee’s Roundup of Christian Hate Pastors Against LGBTQ Americans:

So, Pastor John, perhaps we should limit the scope of religious freedom for religious groups based on the super whacktwats? I have a group we can use as an experiment. No? Okay…but you started it. Moving on.
I’m somewhat torn on this whole thing. The former Southern Baptist in me is pissing my pants and falling in the floor I’m laughing so hard. These people have to be the biggest hypocrites that ever walked on the face of this earth, and I’m not sure if they don’t see it or they just don’t care. This gives the best atheist argument ever – if you can’t work out this simple logic, how the fuck do you expect me to buy into your Sky Daddy bullshit? God is love, Jesus saves, you can’t be moral without the Bible which says do not judge, BUUUUT……none of this applies if there is someone involved from “Islamaville”. Okie doke. Thanks, I’ll be sleeping in Sunday morning, and we are done with this conversation.
On the other hand, I’m really an advocate of the First Amendment and religious freedom, and it pains me to see these folks be so goddamn ignorant. Hate speech is hate speech, no matter whose mouth it comes out of, and I don’t want to hear it from a fire-breathing, red-faced, pot-lucked out Baptist against Muslims anymore than I want to hear it invoked to condemn LGBTQ. For only like the third time ever, I actually find myself admitting I agree with Dr. Russell Moore, the SBC’s Chair of Ethics.

“Sometimes we have really hard decisions to make — this isn’t one of those things,” Moore said. “What it means to be a Baptist is to support soul freedom for everybody.”

What’s more pathetic? The fact that he is taking heat within the Convention? Or that I feel the need to publicly praise him for his “brave stance”? It’s a toss-up.
Y’all pop some popcorn. The fundgelical funda-fuck has only just begun. Let’s see how they work their way out of this one.



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