Fuck yeah, Chicago!

It wasn’t pretty, that’s for damn sure. Violence sucks, and it’s hard to watch Americans hurting each other…but it was democracy. Messy and gross, for sure, but it involved Donald Drumpf, so what else would we expect but, “Messy and Gross? Someone who was alive and of voting age needs to let me know if this is how 1968 felt, because goddamn is it getting shit-house out there. It’s the kind of election year that is keeping this satirist insanely busy, but that’s because true insanity is breaking loose.

Thank God those protesters were able to shut down Trump though. Anyone claiming Trump was robbed of his First Amendment rights can eat shit. What the Chicago Protesters did last night is prove that First Amendment can be used to shut down hate speech, stupidity, and baked-in racist rhetoric, and they deserve medals of commendation for it. I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s fitting that Chicago was where the Good Guys were finally able to shut Donald the fuck up. It was going to take people from a place where they knew it could get ugly, but a place where they knew they could show up in numbers, and boy did they ever.

This lady is why it's awesome that her precious rally got canceled.
This lady is why it’s awesome that her precious rally got canceled.

It’s important to remember that these Trumpeters are in the minority. Not that I support beating up on groups just because they’re small, it’s just that these people are small in number because they believe in fringe, dangerous shit. There’s no need to play thought police, but there’s also no need to keep giving the assholes so much stage time. It’s an utter relief that the Chicago Protesters were able to accomplish what they did. I can only speak for myself, but it certainly restored my faith in the American people a little.

If you find yourself more angry and upset about protesters shutting down a rally than you are about the multiple, violent assaults perpetrated on protesters at Trump’s rallies everywhere, then you are exactly what’s wrong with America and our human species.

But I also think it’s important, because I’ve already seen Bernie supporters upset about the backlash costing Sanders votes, for liberals to be proud of this moment. This wasn’t the government suppressing speech. This was literally what democracy looks like. The scuffles and fighting aren’t supposed to happen, but by and large the protest was peaceful. I saw someone lamenting that the protesters shouldn’t have done this because now Trump supporters will try to shut down Sanders rallies. Perhaps that’s true, but that’s also, again, the entire point of democracy.

Don’t rain on the parade of the people who actually had the guts to stand up to Trump in the middle of the lion’s den. Don’t deign to tell people who actually had the courage to get into the line of fire with people who have been beating up and abusing protesters how they’re “hurting” Bernie. You know what? If hurting Bernie means helping America and the world by shutting down fascism in its infancy, then so be it.

No one sued to have the rally shut down. No one brought in the government to shut it down. Citizens shut it down. It literally was what Freedom of Speech is for. I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow Americans in Chicago if I tried. Don’t let people with a twisted sense of liberty and tolerance twist-up what happened last night. It was the actual application of the First Amendment in all its messy glory. If you don’t want a society where we judge Mexicans and Muslims by the color of their skin and the religion they practice, you need to embrace what happened in Chicago and encourage it elsewhere. Maybe if people weren’t already being assaulted at his rallies I’d say the protesters were egging people on, but that’s not what this was.

Last night in Chicago is what happens when good Americans get fed up. It wasn’t just Bernie supporters out there. There are Republicans that hate Trump and what he’s doing to. So everyone? Get off your high horse and high-five a Chicago Protester instead. Thank them. They’re the ones actually “defending” democracy these days, whether you care to admit it or not.


  1. […] A page devoted to classical liberalism/libertarianism shared a piece of mine cheering the Chicago Protesters for their efforts to stifle Donald Trump’s violent, angry, bitter, anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, and anti-Muslim rhetoric. You can imagine the outrage the angry, mostly white, mostly youngish classical liberals felt, reading someone actually taking pride in the fact that citizens stood up to violent, racist assholes. Here are some of the most LOL-worthy comments on my piece. […]


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