I am having so much trouble keeping up with the Trump supporter Evangelical Christian boycott list, and why, I decided I really needed a cheat sheet. This will also be quite handy during the holidays, so I know what to buy and where to purchase it for all the Trumpy Christians on my list. If I accidentally leave the Target tag on, well, OOPS!

  1. Target: Bathrooms. It’s fine for Hair Cheetolini to walk in on underage pageant girls in various stages of undress, but the possibility of sharing a stalled bathroom with a transgendered person is HOLY SHIT BAD!
  2. Star Wars: False story that parts of the movie were redone as anti-Trump; one of the writers has spoken out against Trump; and some just resent the female lead and diverse casting. White male Infowars power!
  3. Pepsi: False story that the CEO told Trump supporters to take their business elsewhere. Because it would make so much sense for her to do that, right?
  4. Hamilton: As if they would or could ever attend, Trumpsters pretend they are too good to pay for scalped tickets in 2023.
  5. Kellogg’s: The first major brand to stop advertising with Breitbart, they were targeted directly by the website as well. Nothing says do business with us like, look what we do to people if they quit! Suckers!
  6. Starbucks: Every company wishes they could be on the receiving end of this redneck brilliance. Buy a drink so you can demand they write Trump on the cup. Like Starbucks cares after you spend $5 on a cup of coffee.
  7. Macy’s: They discontinued Trump’s clothing line, and they will not add it back. Crazy capitalists!
  8. Amazon: Jeff Bezos is an evil Clinton shill who sicced his paper, the Washington Post, on Trump out of spite. His reporters certainly weren’t legitimately investigating a presidential candidate who revoked their press credentials.
  9. Oreos: They moved production to Mexico, before anyone could build a wall. It doesn’t stop them from driving cars half made there, but whatevs.
  10. NFL: Kneeling, flags, patriotism, Trumpsters prefer idol fabric worshiping.
  11. Ben & Jerry’s: They support Black Lives Matter. Everyone knows that’s a racist organization or something Breitbart black on black crime white people embarrass me.
  12. Netflix: Per Think Progress, “they believe its new documentary about the White Helmets, civilian first-responders who rescue people after attacks in the Syrian civil war, spreads propaganda for Al Qaeda.” Yeah, I don’t either…

The super crispy Jesus group, Family Research Council, has supported these along with others for their evil tolerance of ooey gooey love thy neighbor, do not judge when it comes to LGBTQ and pro-choice.

Additional companies include JC Penney, Angie’s List, Lands’ End, Grub Hub, Time Warner, ConAgra, Dell.

Gizmodo has put together an extra list just to be helpful.

Below are a list of products which should be considered unsuitable for Trump supporters to use, buy, or participate in and will be updated as new information becomes available. Email me at [email protected] if you’d like your company included.

AT&T (and DirecTV)
Comcast (NBC, XFinity, and Dreamworks)
Tic Tacs
Mondelez International products (Nabisco)
ConAgra products
PepsiCo products
Mars products (in this instance, because of Skittles)

I’d also like to add Walmart, who just voluntarily settled with employees over same sex spousal benefits. Just to be helpful.

Y’all fragile snowflake white power Trump supporters have a wonderful boycott holiday!


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