You know how I can tell that Ted Cruz is literally the most hated man in Washington? Because even the propaganda arm of his own party doesn’t suffer his bullshit anymore.

On Sunday morning, Cruz showed exactly why he’s viewed as the slimy douchebag he is in an interview on Fox News Sunday no less. The best part was that host Chris Wallace wasn’t even holding Cruz’s feet to the fire for his religious extremism or shutting down the government like a little baby over Obamacare. He was being asked by Wallace about some of the clearly dirty things he’s been doing to fellow Republicans in the race, and he obviously wasn’t ready to be confronted about it.

“Your campaign,” Wallace told Cruz, “has been involved in a series of incidents that people are calling dirty tricks.” Then Wallace gave a few examples of such dirty deeds. Everything from telling voters in Iowa that Ben Carson was leaving the race, to sending out fake advisory notices to voters in South Carolina saying they’d committed voting violations, to lying about what Marco Rubio said about the Bible — because religious conservatives still give a shit about that, apparently too.

The only response Cruz could muster was the age-old denial, calling the accusations “incorrect,” despite there being actual, visible and verified proof of all these things. As Wallace pointed out, Cruz apologized on a debate stage in front of everyone and he fired a high-ranking campaign official over the Bible flap. Clearly Cruz himself knows people associated with him have been playing dirty pool, and all he had to lean on was pious indignation at being interrupted by Wallace.

How dare Mr. Wallace try to hold Cruz accountable? Doesn’t Wallace get that personal responsibility only counts for Republicans when you’re trying to take stuff from the poor? Well, at least Wallace helped us realize just how truly, universally loathed Senator Cruz is, and that the establishment doesn’t want him or Trump representing their money — er I mean party — in the election this November.

The entire interview you could tell that Wallace holds no respect for Cruz. Wallace certainly deserves praise for not backing down and letting Cruz simply lie through his teeth. Of course, Fox has done such a great job of making conservative distrust all media that they’ll probably take Cruz’s side, but that’s a discussion for another time, isn’t it?

What I don’t get is how anyone sees Cruz as being a strong leader. He threatened to leave a debate stage because of “mean questions,” and then later pulled the oldest ex post facto cop-out in the book by saying, “Just kidding” afterward. And now, being called on the carpet by a right-wing media outlet, we see him squirm and worm his way around the undeniable truth that he’s nothing more than a vapid, hot air spewing demagogue, and all we can hope is that even if he wins the Texas primary, it’s not enough to convince Republican voters he belongs in the White House as anything but the dude scrubbing the stains out of the sheets in the Lincoln bedroom.

Watch the cringe-tastic interview from Fox News Sunday below:


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