It’s pretty clear conservatives hate facts, especially when it comes to 9/11. When confronted with evidence of one of their pet politicians/pundits/celebrities saying something completely awful, most conservatives refuse to accept said evidence as truth. If you are the one presenting a quote, or a video, or reliable sources, odds are, you will not be countered with facts, you will be called names. Which is precisely what happened to yours truly earlier this morning.
As I am wont to do on mornings when I am bored, I popped over to the Fox “News” Facebook page, to see if their “journalists” were planning on addressing Rudy Giuliani’s absolutely horrible statement about terrorism. For folks who need a recap, Giuliani, while speaking at a Trump rally, said:

Under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack inside the United States.

It’s important to note that Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York on September 11, 2001. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of photos showing Giuliani touring the sites, posing with firefighters next to their gm upfitter trucks, giving speeches, and yelling through megaphones.
Fox, of course, has nothing on their Facebook page about Giuliani’s despicable words. What they do have is an article about Trump’s terrorism speech, a speech where Trump continued to incite fear and hatred towards Muslims, and a speech that ranks somewhere below “we never landed on the moon” with fact-checkers.
But conservatives don’t believe facts, they believe whatever conservative media tells them to believe. Thus, if Breitbart, or Fox, or InfoWars, or The Daily Stormer, say nothing about Rudy Giuliani and 9/11, well, it must not be true. And that’s exactly what happened to me on Fox’s Facebook page. In hindsight, I should have known better, and perhaps, deep down, I did. It’s just so much fun to poke angry white people.

Underneath the article on Trump’s malarkey-laden speech on terrorism, I wrote:

Quick question: Ya’ll plan on using your “news” network to deal with Rudy Giuliani’s truly awful statement about terrorism? You know, when he said 9/11 never happened? While he was MAYOR of New York, and has exploited 9/11 as often as he can? *crickets*

No swearing, no typing all in caps, no name calling. Just a little snark for the Fright Wing on a sunny Tuesday morn. A little poke, if you will. And away they went.
Kathy Chaplin went immediately to name calling:
Kathy Chaplin he never said that, ur a loser
As did Anita Morales:
Anita Morales Idiot
Azita Toucourt believes someone who post facts=someone on drugs:
Azita Toucourt You mean the guy who was in the thick of if said that it didn’t happen? You should probably switch to a new dealer or change your drug of choice!
I responded:

So all conservatives do, when confronted with facts, is call other people names? I’m a “loser,” an “idiot,” and a “troll.” Where’s the incontrovertible evidence that Giuliani did not say exactly what he did?
I’m going to work now, so all you angry white people feel free to keep name-calling and shoving your head further into the sand. Have an ignorant day!

In my defense, pointing out these are, in fact, angry white people, is not insulting them. They like being angry, they like being white, and they like engaging in the same witty repartee as their presidential candidate.
Kathy Chaplin was really getting into this:
Kathy Chaplin Erin M. Nanasi u probably don’t have a job, ur probably a paid troll, why hide behind a fake account
I beg your pardon? Honestly, if I was a “paid troll,” I’d have paid off my car by now, and own a better computer. Sheesh.
Kathy then asked for proof, even though you and I and your dog and my cat and a toddler know she won’t pay any attention to it:
Kathy Chaplin Erin M. Nanasi show me some proof, if u think u know so much
So I did. I posted a link to an article at ABC News. And a charming person named Kevin Trombley not only refused to believe something posted anywhere other than a right-wing media site, went full racist:
Kevin Trombley Erin M. Nanasi Of course ABC. Watch the two minutes before this dummy. You best get to Milwaukee to help BLM guard the local welfare office
And then Kathy Dart came on board with what may be the most bizarre excuse for Giuliani’s statement. Trust me, you’ll want to sit down for this one:
Kathy Dart So, he forgot a date….tell me you’ve never forgotten a date in your life.. meanwhile, your QUEEN, Her Royal Corruptness, forgot she DELETED 30,000 emails!!! She FORGOT the “C” means CLASSIFIED!!!!! & Probably a million other things I could point out , but I don’t want to hurt your brain too much..
He. Forgot. A. Date. You know, like forgetting a doctor’s appointment, or the exact day you’re supposed to give your cat her flea medicine. The guy who was mayor of New York on 9/11 forgot the date of the most horrific act of terror on U.S. soil. He forgot the terrified New Yorkers, running through the street, covered in ash and debris. He forgot the first responders who died. He forgot the orphaned children, the widows and widowers, the desperate pleas for help. Rudy Giuliani forgot Father Mychal Judge, the first recorded casualty on that awful day.
Rudy Giuliani said exactly what multiple sources are reporting he said. He made a similar comment in 2010, when he saidWe had no domestic attacks under Bush; we’ve had one under Obama.”
Like most conservatives, 9/11 is only remembered when they need it. When they use it to condemn all Muslims, or pretend to care about police officers (until a LEO is murdered by a white guy, then the silence is deafening), or wrap themselves in the flag in order to appeal to their low-information supporters. Rudy Giuliani will never be questioned about this by a conservative, because to a conservative, he didn’t say what he said. Just as Donald Trump has not said the things he has-Mexican rapists, ban all Muslims, women who have abortions should be punished-nope, he never said it, because Fox and Breitbart and Daily Caller told them he didn’t.
What have I learned on this sunny Tuesday morning? Honestly, nothing I didn’t already know. But sometimes, I think to myself “Maybe today is the day I bring just one person into the light. Maybe today is the day a conservative realizes their party, their media, and their candidate, are lying, xenophobic, racist, fear mongers.” Then I try it, and I am called an idiot, or stupid, I am told I am a paid troll.
And then I go back to my life, a little sadder, a little more downhearted, but still committed to the facts.


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