WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, June 13th, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi formally filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against casino mogul and Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Drumpf.
In her suit, Ms. Bondi shows that Mr. Drumpf contributed $25,000 to her re-election campaign in 2013, around the same time that she coincidentally agreed to drop an investigation by the Florida State Attorney General’s office against Mr. Drumpf for his alleged fraudulent practices involving one of his companies, Drumpf University LLC.  However, her suit alleges that in 2010, when Drumpf University faced a similar investigation by the office of then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Mr. Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign was paid nearly 30% more than Ms. Bondi’s campaign, coincidentally coinciding with the Texas Attorney General’s office dropping their own investigation into Drumpf University.
In a statement to the press, Ms. Bondi said “It is simply unconscionable that in this day and age, women still have to overcome the issue of being paid a mere 71 cents to do a job for which a man would be paid a dollar.  I fully expect the courts to concur with my decision and that they will grant me appropriate compensation from Mr. Drumpf.”
When asked why she believes that an elected official has the right to demand any amount of money in exchange for turning a blind eye to illegal activities in their jurisdiction, Ms. Bondi replied that this “is not the issue at stake here.  The issue is sexism and discrimination, and that is all I am willing to discuss at this time.”

Some pundits have slammed Ms. Bondi for her suit, calling her opportunistic, greedy, “bitchy,” and accusing her of failing to “remember her place”.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declared that he doesn’t see why “any person should be entitled to complain about the amount that they receive in bribes.  If you don’t like how little you are being paid to perform that service, then simply stop performing it.”
Governor Greg Abbott was approached for a comment, but refused to speak on the subject beyond saying that his office “does not comment on ongoing litigation.”  However, insider sources indicate that he is furious over the attention that is being paid to the bribe his campaign received, and some sources suggest that he has authorized a campaign of retaliation against Ms. Bondi after she announced the lawsuit publicly.  A staffer in the Texas Governor’s Office who wishes to remain anonymous quoted the governor as saying “[she] can take her lawsuit and shove it.  This is what happens when you let women out of the kitchen where they belong.”
It remains to be seen if the courts will rule in Ms. Bondi’s favor or not, but even if they do Mr. Drumpf has already indicated that such a decision would mean that the judge is biased against him, and would be immediately appealed to a higher court.  At a campaign rally yesterday, Mr. Drumpf referenced Ms. Bondi in his speech, referring to her as “that bimbo who’s suing me”, and suggesting that he would pay the legal fees for any of his supporters if they were arrested for assaulting her.
When approached for an official response to the lawsuit, however, Mr. Drumpf declined to comment.



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