Today is Flag Day. Carlos Moore, an attorney from Mississippi who has filed suit in federal court against Governor Phil Bryant, is rallying in Washington, DC, today, to bring down the Confederate Flag.
There’s a chance the Southern Baptists might talk about thinking about bringing up the possibility of discussing maybe “denouncing” the Confederate Flag. The fact that this garners a headline should be an embarrassment to the entire organization. However, I realize this is almost as historic as pigs flying, which is why I’m writing about it.
There are several important factors that must be brought up. First, despite what most Southern Baptists think, Persons of Color exist not only in the world, but also within the Baptist community. (I know, calm yourselves, though. It will be okay.)
The history of the Southern Baptist Convention is blatant. It was founded in 1845 when the pro-slavery group split from the Northern anti-slavery group. And in the grand tradition of all things with the SBC, here we are 170 years later, and we are still discussing it. They did not have their Resolution on Racial Resolution until their 150th anniversary in 1995.
Let me point out here that this was merely a formal statement that took them ONE HUNDRED FIFTY YEARS to agree to, to say, Hey y’all, slavery was bad, in many cases we opposed legitimate attempts for African Americans to obtain civil rights, racism exists, all God’s children are equal, and we commit to eradicating racism.

Twenty years later, they are still fighting like cats and dogs over something that one would think would be a no-brainer. SBC membership is declining at a record-breaking pace, racial tensions in this country are off the charts, and last I checked my Bible, love for thy neighbor was a plus and worshipping idols was not. Especially after the Charleston shootings last year, would it not be the Christian attitude to simply say, “I respect you enough as my brother and/or sister in Christ, if this piece of cloth hurts you, I will put it away”? Seriously, I find it incredible these people are so vested in honoring the dead more than the living. They would much rather argue their white-washed history than just stop and listen to what their fellow humans are saying to them. Just look at some of the comments I have found:

I will leave the Convention if this is pursued, and I have been in SBC churches FROM A BED BABY! … I am the Daughter of some 34 Confederate veterans and the niece of some 120. NONE OF WHICH HAD SLAVES.
While you’re working to remove offensive flags, why not ask Russell Moore to take down the oil painting of John Broaddus (Confederate Chaplain) displayed proudly in his ERLC office. Why not start with the heads as opposed to the tails?
I’m a Christian, Baptist & Sons of Confederate Veterans member in Texas. I am sorry, but the Arlington pastor’s facts are out-of-sync with history. The Civil War was NOT about slavery as Abraham Lincoln stated in his 1861 War Proclamation, and in 1860, only 6% of the entire South had slaves. That means that 94% did not have slaves. In fact, the largest slave owner was a black widow woman from Louisiana named C. Richards who owned 150-black slaves! “Yes”, black people owned black slaves in the South. Slavery was on its way out when Lincoln invaded the South. My ancestor fought with the 16th Texas Cavalry. He did not own any slaves, want any slaves, and he joined the Confederacy to fight against the tyrannical North who invaded his homeland. I honor his service and his bravery by flying the flag he served under. That is guaranteed me in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (freedom of speech). 93,000-FREE black men served in the Confederate military as early as 1861 as reported by Union officers. They did so of their own choosing, not by coercion, or threat. They fought under the Confederate flag. Will you also slander their sacrifice as well? The American flag flew atop ALL ships bringing slaves to America from 1775-1861. Will you next demand that all American flags be removed because of that true fact of U.S. history? Instead of watching the new tv show “Roots” and the “Free State of Jones” film, watch the 2003 film, “Gods & Generals” which tells the truth about the War Between The States (aka Civil War), not politically correct propaganda.

Bless their hearts. I think Jesus is weeping. I know I am.


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