a) Yes, I used the “libtard” word.
b) You and I will build a bridge, hold hands, and get over it together.
Believe it or not, a Republican governor did the right thing recently, and it won’t hurt anything to give her credit. I am positive that if you’re even the slightest bit politically active that you heard about the bill that Oklahoma Republicans drafted and passed that would have made performing an abortion a felony in their state. We defenders of sexual autonomy rightly took to social media to lambaste the law, and I wrote this satirical musing to mock it.

OK Dems Propose Bill That Classifies 'Getting a Boner that Leads to an Abortion' Accessory to Murder

Well, lo and behold, just when we thought all hope was lost in The Sooner State, their governor actually vetoed the stupid thing. What makes this even more newsworthy is that not only did a governor in a red state rebuff religious conservatives, it was a very conservative Republican governor, Mary Fallin, who did so. And yes, I actually think it’s kind of important that liberals take a minute and thank Fallin for doing the right thing.
Yes, you read that right. We on the left should write Gov. Fallin letters and post on her Facebook page in thanks for her doing the right thing. I know there are many out there who would read this suggestion and scoff at it, but look, Republicans do shit the wrong way so much and we bitch about it so much that I think it would go a long way to bridging the gap between everyone these days if we just acknowledged that for whatever reason Fallin did what should have been done.
Some of my fellow liberals pointed out that she probably calculated that especially with Antonin Scalia still thankfully doing the world a favor and being dead, that she’d have no chance the Supreme Court would uphold this clearly unconstitutional law. Apparently, they must feel that Fallin’s politically cynical play somehow invalidates the fact that in the end the right thing happened. I submit that’s utter bullshit and in fact is part of the reason why shit is so incredibly borked right now.
Would liberally-minded Americans rather have had it that Fallin signed that egregious law into the books, thereby guaranteeing a long and expensive court battle? Would they have preferred that the law be signed and at the very least rape victims in the state be told they have to carry their attackers’ children to term should their rape result in a pregnancy? Of course they wouldn’t have liked that outcome, so why I didn’t see a huge outpouring of support for Fallin by the left is kind of a surprise to me.

We spend much of our time kvetching about how Republicans are just dogmatic tools of the Religious Right. No one can deny the fact that the bill was drafted and passed in the first place means that they largely are. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t stop and take notice when for whatever reason the light of decency, compassion, and humanity sets itself upon religious conservatives in power and they actually show restraint. We should go beyond just taking notice, and actually give praise for the right outcome.
So I’m going to actually walk the walk here and choose this space, on a website named Modern Liberals to give a modern conservative, very likely a neocon at that, her due credit for eschewing the trappings of purely ideological politics and making the correct decision.
Thank you, Governor Fallin. You certainly behave like you’re a few grams short of an ounce, but I can’t front on this one. You vetoed that bullshit bill and you saved your state millions in legal costs and immeasurable amounts of scorn and derision from the public. Let’s hope this is the first in a long line of pragmatic governance that you will show from now until the end of your term. But since I like to be alive and shit, I won’t be holding my breath for that being the eventual outcome.
In no way am I implying this means Fallin doesn’t have kooky beliefs when it comes to abortion, nor am I denying the purely political calculation she likely did to arrive at making the right decision. But a victory’s a victory, and call me crazy, but I think any time a victory means that rape and incest victims aren’t doubly-victimized, that’s even more cause for bipartisan plaudits.


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