I can’t tell you how great it feels to title a piece with the phrase “Dear Leader” in it. For eight long, laborious, mind bending years Republican talking heads and the peanut gallery of the GOP on social media used the phrase to describe what they saw as a cult of personalty for President Barack Obama. I realize now of course, thanks to the work of the people who brought us “Stranger Things,” that the Tea Party that put Trump in power lives in The Upside Down, where nothing makes sense like it usually does.

Now, don’t get me wrong, in those eight years I saw plenty of people willing to turn a blind eye to Obama’s failures, or failures as I saw them. Corporate Democrats and their partisan supporters were very quick to forgive him for not holding Wall Street accountable for the economic collapse of 2007 and 2008. Democrats in general seemed okay with him continuing the failed U.S. foreign policies of previous administrations that really just seem to create more blow back than much else.

The thing of it is though, Obama’s irrelevant now. No matter how much Sean Hannity, Jesse “I Will Literally Never Be Funny ” Watters, or any other flapping face from the right tries to keep this story about the Obama administration, everything should be laser focused on Trump right now. It seems to me that it’s entirely possible that Trump and Company desperately wanted to collude with Russia — the people who helped keep Daddy Fuckbucks afloat when U.S. banks stopped lending to him — but that they couldn’t get good info, even when Don Jr. clearly went chumming Russian waters for it.

And now, the Republican Party is poised to get a second dose of a medicine they should’ve been done taking when Nixon had to quit. That medicine is called “The Coverup is Worse Than the Crime.” If the meeting between Junior Fuckface and the Russian lawyer was really a big nothing burger, why the hell did he hide it? We can ask that question of every person in Trump’s circle who’s been caught sneaking around with people that have ties to Vlad Putin, Russian oligarchs, or the Russian government (which is controlled by the oligarchs).

It doesn’t take a degree in political science, or some deep knowledge of constitutional law to understand that whether or not Don Jr. got what he was seeking, he still went into a meeting with the full intention of colluding with a foreign adversary. It’s not treason in the legal sense, but you don’t really get closer to selling out your country than taking stolen, private information from them after they hacked your fellow Americans, does it?

Collusion or attempted collusion may not be illegal, but it’s sure as hell unethical. It’s sure as hell dangerous when the foreign power you’re dancing with is authoritarian and literally anti-American. Even if Trump Jr. didn’t get shit from his meeting, he wanted it, and he proved by releasing his emails that he and his daddy have been lying to the American public and the world for a year. Maybe you want douchebags like that in office…but I don’t, and a hell of a lot of Americans think like I do, with that number growing daily.

Still, Trump will maintain his base. That shouldn’t shock anyone, because it sure as hell isn’t going to shock me. People still defend Richard Nixon to this day. People still pretend he didn’t commit treason with his secret negotiations with North Vietnam during the 1968 campaign. We can reasonably count on 25-35% of the country always loving Trump simply because he played for the red team. It’s exactly why Washington said political parties are the biggest danger to our government.

Right now, Trump enjoys a whopping 40% approval rating from the good folks at Gallup. Before any cries “FAKE NEWS!” about Gallup, they’re the most trusted source of political opinion polling, maybe ever. And they’ve measured it the same way for years and years. But part of me thinks it’s time for us to report his approval rating inversely. In other words…

“President Trump currently has a 55% disapproval rating. It would be more, but apparently 5% of the country is still in a medically-induced coma.”

So if we know that Trump will never hit a 0% approval rating, and if we know that fact doesn’t actually stop him from being impeached or resigning, why does the news media keep trying to do deep dive reporting on the Trump voters’ whims and feelings? I get it, they’re Americans, too, and their opinions and views are just as protected as ours, but at this point why are we coddling them?

Trump supporters keep wanting us to “get over it,” but they’re not willing to accept what actually happens when you’re the ruling party in this country. They don’t want dissent. They don’t disagreement, and they really are apoplectic about it because they don’t get that while the popular vote isn’t consequential to who ultimately wins the White House, it’s absolutely vital in leading with any kind of consensus. No, three million illegal votes weren’t Hillary’s margin. Three million Americans were the difference.

It’s time for the media to start covering the steadily growing number of people who disagree with Trump and believe there is fire pouring out of the Trump/Russia story where before there was just conjecture and smoke. We’re never going to convince every, or even the overwhelming majority of them to ditch that orange faced shit clown. But in the interest of real fairness, and actual honest journalism, the press should really think about covering the people whose lives are being thrown in to chaos and despair by this rudderless, inept administration.

And if Trump supporters don’t like being ignored? Fuck those snowflakes, am I right? They just need to get over it and accept it.



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