Donald-Trump-John-Kasich-2Call the national media, alert Guinness, sell the Devil a space heater, and warn everyone that they should be on the alert for falling crap from the flying pigs. Why? Because I’ve heard something from a Republican with which I can’t help but agree with.

What caused this miracle of miracles? A statement leaked from a private Republican National Committee meeting (one that was intended to be private and closed-door), where a committeeman by the name of Holland Redfield inveighed against the extremism and hate running rampant and being inflamed on the right in the current political climate.

“A good politician is pragmatic! They have to be, to succeed. Otherwise, you get this energy in the nation, right now, that is ANGRY! FRUSTRATED! And they want to hit anybody. So we have certain candidates that are sucking that up… and changing our label. As a party, we owe it to ourselves to speak out and not have the tail wag the dog, and not let someone say, all of a sudden, ‘If you don’t play my game, then I’m running as an independent, or I’m doing this. I’ll see and I’ll judge you.’ Good God, many of you have been in this room for year after year after year, working the trenches, and all of a sudden somebody is going to tell YOU, any one of them? This is OUR PARTY, it’s the PEOPLE’S party, not the candidates’. I’ve had it.” (video link)

He also pointed out that there is a pressure within the party to just go along with this, to give the GOP its best chance (in some people’s eyes) of gaining power. He disparaged this, claiming that this political impetus to smash and destroy the very fabric of our nation for temporary gain is a foolish maneuver, “because sooner or later, somebody has to pick up the pieces.” And he’s right; fomenting hate between Christians and Muslims, between whites and minorities, will get the wacko right-wing base going and will get them out to vote, but once that juggernaut gets started, steering or trying to stopping it is a different matter altogether.

It’s refreshing to see this from someone on the right, because it’s just straight up basic sense. Too often, I find myself shaking my head at statements from the right that just defy all logic and facts. I can pretty well guarantee I won’t agree with Mr. Redfield on finance or military funding or any number of other important subjects, but on the essence of this statement, I can find no fault.

It’s fairly plain that Mr. Redfield is speaking about Donald Trump, in specific, but many of the behaviors described apply to a number of the candidates. Now, in some cases, they’re taking that route simply because this is the direction that they feel will gain them the most votes in the primaries and thus the best chance at winning the presidency. In others, however, they espouse the disdain, contempt, and anger expressed toward minority groups that have done nothing to deserve such sentiment simply because that’s what they believe, deep down. For example, Ted Cruz has long been a fountain of hate speech, lamenting that homosexual Americans were granted the same rights and privileges as their heterosexual counterparts and embracing the support of Kevin Swanson, who has called for homosexuality to be punished by death in the US.

He is in no way alone amongst the Republican field in this respect; Marco Rubio has made similar remarks, and Rand Paul has made Muslim-bashing a pastime in a similar vein to Trump.

One could hope that statements like this, people like Donald Trump, would help wake the GOP up from its poisoned-Tea-Party delirium and start it back on the road to sanity. If that happened, the Republican party could take back its place on the spectrum of American politics as a reasonable alternative to the Democratic positions, rather than being a dank mire of bubbling hate and fact-denial.

Sadly, I’m thinking that, given the selection of GOP candidates available and the natures of the ones leading the pack, holding my breath while waiting for such a reverse to occur wouldn’t be the best of choices, but the fact that such reasonable moderation still exists in the right-wing on any level is a cause for hope.



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