A Public Religion Research Institute Poll (PRRI) in February asked Americans how they felt about discrimination in the United States, specifically two groups who might face religious bias: Muslims and Christians. The responses varied based upon who was asked.

Most people answered that Muslims face much more discrimination than Christians. Overall, they felt Muslims were twice as likely to experience it. Democrats were four times more likely, non-religious three times, and White Catholics and White Protestants two times more likely to say Muslims face more discrimination. However, with White Evangelical Protestants, 57% felt there is a lot of discrimination against Christians in the United States today. Only 44% felt the same about Muslims. White Evangelical Protestants were the only group to feel they themselves were more likely to experience discrimination than Muslims.

Why am I not surprised? This number has increased even from December 2013, when 59% of WEP’s said they thought Muslims experience a lot of discrimination; October 2016, 56% did, but by February, only 44% did.

Despite Muslims being the victims of vastly more hate crimes – 22% of religiously motivated crimes compared to 13.6% for Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, all Christian groups combined – and Muslims being less than 1% of the population to Christians comprising 70%, Evangelicals still feel targeted. (Atlantic)

Perhaps the Evangelicals are upset by the Christian ban on flying? Or all the Qur’ans in hotel rooms? Maybe it is because Christians are constantly blamed for the terrorist attacks of others who claim their religion? Or perhaps it is due to having only two of 535 members of Congress as the same religion? Christians could be concerned the current president ran on a platform of scaring the entire country about people just like them being responsible for all the terrorism that ever happened. I am not sure.

Honestly, though, I know what it is, and it should embarrass the hell out of them. WEP’s feel discriminated against because of the legalization of same-sex marriage, and in states where anti-discrimination laws force them to either serve everyone or move their businesses, they have to make cakes and take pictures for LGBTQ persons. That is what they are comparing to the above list. And they aren’t in the least bit hesitant to call this persecution. Making cakes. Taking pictures. Selling clothes. Having to be in the same room. <gassssspppp!> Get the smelling salts!

I am beyond trying to reason with this on a Biblical level. It does not work; it only serves to feed the beast of self-righteousness. What I will say, though, is that every person who exists comes into contact on a daily basis with people who do things that disagree with their own principles. The rest of us suck it up like grown ass adults and deal. We do the taxes of the professional gambler, we eat lunch with the mom who sneaks her kid’s adderall, because we know what ACTUAL persecution and discrimination is. We do not isolate ourselves in a bubble of self-aggrandizing egos that allow us to not only think we are better than everyone else, but also think we have it worse than anyone else.

Dear White Evangelical Protestants,

Your brothers and sisters overseas are also embarrassed by you, especially when they are being killed for their beliefs. THAT is discrimination. So sit down, shut up, and stop it. You are this generation’s Jim Crow, and you are going to end up in the same place in the history books. Bless your judgmental, self-righteous, un-Christ-like hearts.




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