After months of watching evangelical Right-Wing Christians argue back and forth over the merits of Donald Trump, only to ultimately endorse him (with a few notable exceptions), it brings me great joy to announce a new candidate for the 2016 election. Here is my open letter to them.
Dear White Evangelical Voters,
Seventy-six percent of you have made up your minds to vote for Donald Trump. This is despite his utter disregard for the church, the teachings of Christianity, and basic human decency. Many of you have taken to social media and blatantly attempted to shame your fellow Christians into following you on this path. You have ignored his racism, hate-mongering, conspiracy theories, lies, bullying, vulgarity, misogyny, and utter contempt for basic humanity, and to what end?
Donald Trump promised you favorable Supreme Court picks and more tax breaks for churches. Even if he did not have a history of lying, and you could somehow guarantee this, would you still sell your soul for these few pieces of silver? Are your values worth so little?

I have yet to see even one of you disavow any one of his actions. In fact, all I hear are excuses and deflections, if anything at all. My state, reportedly the second most religious in the country, passed up Ted Cruz in favor of Donald Trump by eleven points in the primaries. I never fully understood that, and no poll or pundit’s analysis will show me your hearts.
Today, a new candidate entered the race. His name is Evan McMullin. You may not have heard of him, but he is a solid and true Conservative. He is a Christian, former CIA, MBA from Wharton, and until today, the chief policy director for the House Republican Conference. He has asked for a “battle of ideas, not insults.” He has more defined policies on his first day than Donald Trump has now. Yet, he believes in an inclusive America, where we welcome refugees, embrace cultural differences, and not use “law and order” to justify infringing on civil rights. He wants to embrace our Muslim allies while using his extensive foreign policy experience to fight ISIS. His goal, he says, is to appeal to “center-right” voters.
McMullin faces an uphill climb to get on the ballot in a lot of states. However, in the coming days, we will see how that plays out. He can certainly be a write-in for many of them.
Here is my challenge to you, principled Evangelical voters. Will you throw your support behind the candidate who truly upholds your religious ideology? The one who embraces the issues you claim are the very reasons you support Donald Trump, but who also is a true Christian Conservative? Or will you continue to prove what so many of us have suspected for so long already, that your support of Donald Trump has very little to do with SCOTUS and taxes, but is in actuality your desire to perpetuate a culture of white supremacy, patriarchy, and authoritarianism, wrapped up in fascism?
The rest of the world is watching and waiting for your answer, for it is not by your words you will be judged, but by your actions.


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