Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m not all there, but if there were ever a group of people that I just don’t feel capable of having much sympathy for, it’s the George W. Bush administration, especially those at the top. So when I read the story below, I won’t lie, my initial response was to laugh. And it wasn’t just a chuckle; it was a hearty guffaw if ever there was one. Dubya, it seems, just doesn’t get it.
I laughed because it’s just one more example of how completely out of touch with mainstream reality the Republicans really are these days. To think that George W. Bush would be in anyway surprised that there might not be another Republican president ever is almost too much hilarity for my brain to consider. While I’m sure that the source of Bush’s consternation is the nomination of Donald Trump, he has to know that Trump is merely final, lethal hemorrhoid that will burst on the GOP’s assholes.
I mean, George W. Bush is literally the reason there wouldn’t be another Republican president, and back in April he’s telling donors he’s worried about this shit? If Georgey was so concerned about the Republican legacy, maybe you shouldn’t have been such a monumental fuck-up.
9/11 wasn’t his fault,but he sure did do everything he could to ignore the intel about it. We know that from the damn 9/11 Commission report. We also know from that report that there was no link whatsoever between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, and that is really where the rubber hits the road with him. He was an integral cog in the effort to get us into the Iraq War, and that to this day is probably the single biggest foreign policy blunder in our nation’s history.
But even if you forget the tremendously stupid and ultimately unfocused response to 9/11, you still have things like Hurricane Katrina to reckon with. The Bush Administration’s response to that tragedy was so galling I’m still blown away no one was brought up on any serious charges. I can’t be the only one who wonders what would have happened if the, um, demographics, in New Orleans were different if the Bush team’s response wouldn’t have been much, much quicker.
In an eight year presidency, there will be ups and downs, that much is true. But almost from the get-go the Bush II years were marked with abject incorrectness. When the towers fell on 9/11 our response could have been more targeted and it could have steeled our belief in true freedom. Instead, the Bush administration created a useless Department of Homeland Security, helped craft the Patriot Act, and started us off on the longest period of continuous warfare in our nation’s history.
Oh, and then the goddamned economy crashed and Bush sat back and fiddled while Rome burned. His response? Bail out the very people whose illegal activities had caused the problems in the first place. And keep those tax cuts in place, because we all know when a hole’s been blown in your boat, your best bet is to make it bigger, and that will definitely keep the boat floating.

You have to circle back, eventually to the Iraq War and the War on Terror. It was an embarrassing time to be an American. We were eating “Freedom” fries because those pesky French had the balls to question our “shoot first, never ask questions later” mentality. We were thumping our chests while we masturbated onto American flags that seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger. We replaced bumper sticker slogans for real, cogent thought and reflection.
The George W. Bush administration truly represented the worst of everything the Republican Party has become. The backlash against neoconservatism was so strong in 2008 that it allowed a country built on fundamental racism (sorry, not sorry for the truth telling there) to elect its first black president. And that, my friends, is where this all really comes home to roost for Bush and all the Republicans.
Over the last eight years we have seen the anger and mouth-foaming tantrums over anything remotely progressive from Republicans. Something as simple as not telling gay people who they can or can’t marry anymore turned into a nasty, ugly fight. Ditto with the mind-blowing idea that we should be willing to spend some money to help poor people get medical care. We saw conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory turned into witch hunts costing us billions of dollars. We saw fake repealing of Obamacare more than 60 times.
Even if George W. Bush hadn’t been the worst president in our lifetimes, the fact is we’d still have been treated to nearly a decade of their obstruction and obtuse refusal to acknowledge the 19th century already happened (call back!). Watching Republicans call Obama every other word other than the “N” word (and some of them did that without any fear of repudiation too), and just say all kinds of disgusting things about his wife and children, would put us off the GOP, regardless of who Dubya is or isn’t.
It isn’t all George’s fault that his party sucks out loud now. It’s just should not be that surprising to him all of people that it is. Maybe he should just go back to his ranch, paint some more shitty painting, and not do anymore thinking about how far the Party of Lincoln has fallen. That’s probably the best thing for his mental health, which I know we’re all most concerned with.


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