President-elect Trump has vowed to protect oppressed Christians of America and make it safe for them to celebrate Christmas again. Because as you can see in any shopping mall or public office space, Christmas lights, trees, Santas, snowflakes, elves and reindeer – the traditional religious symbols of the season – are in danger of…of not completely taking over every possible available space?

As far as this suburban Jewish mother can see, Christmas is its usual ubiquitous self (and I challenge Trump to spell that word, much less know what it means). I have nothing against the holiday – a large majority of Americans celebrate it, and as a musician I am grateful to perform at holiday parties, caroling gigs, and other seasonal events.  

I’ve even played enough church services to have a rudimentary understanding of the spiritual meaning of the holiday (although when my son was in 1st grade he informed that ‘of course I know what Christmas means, it’s the birthday of Santa Claus’). But when the ‘War On Christmas’ folks start hollering about how it’s un-American to say ‘Happy Holidays’, I want to remind them that there are a number of patriotic non-Christians in this country who are truly grateful when someone doesn’t assume we celebrate Christmas.

So since subtlety is going to be rare, and possibly illegal, with a Trump administration, I am making my plea in the grand tradition of overblown, pretentious seasonal rock anthems (look up the original Band-Aid video to get an idea of my inspiration).


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