Gee. I wonder who Donna Brazile is pulling for in the Democratic Primary race? Oh wait, let’s just check out her Twitter feed and see if we can glean any hints…

Disgraceful Donna? Disgraceful, really? I’d call it “pragmatic” for starters. We all know that this country is a two party country. Yes, we have Libertarians, yes we have Green Partiers, but if you want to get yourself into the White House as something other than a tourist, you have to play the two party game. So let’s just start by acknowledging the unavoidable reality — that no one can get onto the ballots of all fifty states without help from either the Democrats or the Republicans.

You could rightly call it cynical, if you wanted, what Bernie did. But again, practicality being what it is, anyone who bitches about Sanders not being  a “real Democrat” just comes off like the Republicans who call Obama “not a real American.” It’s petty, stupid, and shortsighted. What exactly about Sanders’ policies doesn’t align itself with “Democratic” values, Donna Brazile? Is it the fact that he’s isn’t a completely bought and paid for stooge for Corporate America? Or is it that he was against discrimination against the LGBTQ community before it was remotely cool to be so?

Gee, I keep trying to find ways that he’s different from other Democrats, and all I find are differences that a lot of Americans want. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s Ms. Brazile’s who’s acting disgracefully. She can and of course should support any candidate she likes, and she should feel as free as she wants to be as vociferous and forceful in that support as she sees fit. That’s her right as a human, and as an American. But to call it “disgraceful” for someone to use the only mechanism available to advance their cause is just naked political theater.

The truth is that should Hillary lose the bid for the Democratic nomination, we will see Donna Brazile on TV defending Bernie Sanders. We’ll see her champion the man she just called disgraceful, and no one except maybe right-wingers will bat an eyelash. That’s probably the biggest reason I’m personally offended by Brazile’s brazen attack on Bernie’s character. Just because Sanders doesn’t try to avoid the obvious truth, that doesn’t make him an interloper, or most importantly, someone Democrats can’t trust.

It’s this exact kind of shit that turned me off to party politics and drove me to leave the Democratic Party after the 2014 mid-terms. Maybe Ms. Brazile was just taking time out from pimping her Democratic Party with fundraising emails and appearances, was just bored, and decided to waste some time demagogueing Bernie Sanders, but something tells me her tone deaf callousness will backfire on her.

What Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and apparently a lot of Hillary supporters aren’t remembering is that neither political party is beloved by all, and both are pretty universally distrusted. Just look at how Congress polls. Sure, you could blame some of the low numbers on polarized voters hating on the other teams’ players, but the fact is that both parties suck. Out loud. So in reality, the fact that Sanders isn’t a “real” Democrat to some is precisely what his appeal is to people like me.

If you ask me, it’s more disgraceful to impugn someone’s character just because they’re not on the same team as you. That’s so very…Republican of Donna to do, isn’t it?

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Donna Brazile. She is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful champion of things like taking care of the working class and making sure the little people are protected. Which is why I would think she’d eschew party politics as usual and at the very least give Senator Sanders his due for a damn career long commitment to the same exact values she has…well, except one value I’d guess.

And that’s the value of “principles first, party second.” Clearly Donna’s one of those political types that feels the team sports element is good for Americans. Otherwise, why would she go after Sanders, who is vying for her party’s nomination, as an interloper? He’s not trying to ruin the Democratic Party, he’s trying to bring it back closer into alignment with FDR, Kennedy, and Johnson. What, exactly, is Donna’s problem with that?

Oh right, that Hillary isn’t doing the same thing. Yet.


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