But I’m scared.

But I’m angry.

But I’m sad.

But I don’t know where to start.

That is okay. It is all okay. You may have every one of those emotions every ten minutes right now. I’m not a psychologist, but I’m pretty sure it’s completely normal. Let’s find a way to start, just start, putting those feelings to work. We can channel them into something productive that will benefit you and others.

I have read several articles that have lists of things “liberals can do”, but all of them require time, money, and mobility that I do not currently have the luxury of giving. Yet I still want to do something productive. That is why I have put together this pre-list. This is something anyone can do, at any time, that requires no money, just a tiny bit of effort, but is the beginning stages of important groundwork. Those other recommendations are great…we can hang onto them for a later date when the dust has settled and we are a bit better equipped to handle them.

First of all, expand your social network. You may need to hide people who are gloating about Trump, or who are proclaiming everyone needs to just calm down, and that’s fine. Hide them. You don’t need that negativity. That just means you will have a little more work to do on expanding your support base.

My suggestions: Add a few groups, like PORP, The Resistance, The ACLU

Within these are individual’s pages and twitter handles, like mine. You can follow me and the other Modern Liberal folks. We interact with our people, and this will be a way for you meet and interact with other like-minded people from our pages.

Next, this is a great time to reevaluate your news sources. Consider who gave the best coverage during the election, and get rid of those who did not. Use trial subscriptions for Washington Post and follow David Fahrenthold, for example. Support quality journalism so that it can continue and do not give clicks to shoddy sources. Newsweek and The New Yorker are two others I like a lot. Permanently hide bad sources on Facebook and Twitter. Find a few smaller sources, like Modern Liberals, (shameless plug!) and tell a friend about them. Like or comment on posts to help defeat the Zuckerberg Algorithm Challenge.

Find small things you can do to support others, like wearing a safety pin. Smile and nod at people when you go out. Little gestures can go a long way to helping people feel comfortable and safe, loved and appreciated.

Take some time off. We have all overdosed during the election, especially the last few weeks. Get back to a healthier balance. Read a book, watch a movie, garden, get lost in a Netflix marathon. Find something that you enjoy, that has nothing to do with politics, and spend time doing it. Allow yourself a break and time to reset and recharge. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Trump will not be defeated in one, either. We all need to be ready for the long game.

Keep these articles nearby for when you are ready. Then try to take one thing at a time. When we all contribute, when we work together, we are a force against Trump to be reckoned with.




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