F041306PM-0035.JPG trumpReal estate mogul Donald Trump claimed Tuesday that he will unite the entire Republican Party behind his bid for the White House, including the “dummies” who have vowed not to support him.
The presumptive GOP presidential nominee told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that he will easily win over the “dopes” within the “Never Trump” faction of the party and get them to back his candidacy in the general election.
“Look, Joe, I won’t have any problem convincing those clowns to get onboard the Trump train,” Trump told Scarborough on Morning Joe. “They’re all dummies. So dumb. I have a big brain. I’m a master salesman. I can get those idiots to do whatever I want. I guarantee you there’s no problem with uniting the party.”
Trump added he doesn’t necessarily need a united party to win the general election against prospective Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but nevertheless will do it to prove the “haters” in the “loser” faction of the GOP wrong.

“Unity is overrated. Unity is for chumps. But you know what? I’ll unify the whole Republican Party, including the dopes who say they’ll never support me against crooked Hillary, just to show those pathetic haters in the loser wing of the GOP how dumb they really are,” Trump said.
A couple hours later, in an appearance with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Trump denied ever referring to anti-Trump Republicans as “clowns,” “dummies,” or “dopes.”
“I’d never use such words to describe those morons,” he told Blitzer. “And even if I did, that’s a really desperate move to bring up something I did 25 minutes ago.”
Republished from The Red Shtick.


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